Sharia - Haqiqah

Shariah is the name of haqiqah (reality) at the level of acts.

Hence, he who denies sharia is indisputably denying the reality.

Sharia encapsulates actions that are founded and built upon the principles of the reality. 

This being the case, he who denies sharia is obviously ignorant of the reality. For sharia is based solely on the reality. When the label ‘sharia’ is removed what remains is the reality. If the actions of the reality are the actions required by sharia, then it is considered as sharia.

In short, whoever denies any part of sharia is denying that reality.

All of the activity we see at the level of acts are based on the reality. 

Reality is the outward manifestation of the One and Its meanings. However, since they manifest in the form of compositions, we say it’s man-made.

If any man-made product or activity is the result of a composition it is an expression of habits based on nature, conditioning, and emotions. 

Since the expression of habits, conditioning, nature, and emotions are the automatic output of a compositional program it is contrary to the divine laws. Reason being, it is a limited expression confined within the boundaries of humanly conditions. 

This, inevitably, is the very process that creates one’s hell.

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