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Questioning the Authenticity of Hadith

If any alleged “learned” dares to question the authenticity of the hadiths I shared, here is another hadith from the Rasul of Allah (saw) as a warning:

Narrated by Abu Hurairah (ra):

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said:

“Let none of you, upon hearing my hadiths, say, ‘Leave the hadith aside and tell us something from the Quran instead so we know it is authentic. For this is my word!”

To present other perspectives about what the Rasul says is to inadvertently claim that those people are of equal value, which is a grave insult and a proof of ignorance. 

This is why Abu Hurairah (ra) said to Ibn Abbas (ra): 

− My dear nephew, when I narrate a hadith from the Rasul (saw) do not give me examples and opinions from others!

We must accept the words of the Rasulullah (saw) without questioning them. Then, if we want to understand them, we can do our research. If through research we understand their meaning, great, but if we can’t, then we must accept it without questioning it and leave it to time to get a better understanding of it.

If we deny or refuse it we will eternally deprive ourselves from that knowledge.

We know for sure through the words of Allah, “He does not speak from his opinion” that the Rasul of Allah (saw) has informed us of all the truths and realities of existence.

But this information necessarily had to be given in a symbolic and metaphoric language due to the limitations in his time. So we must decode and decipher them and we can only do this to the extent we deepen our knowledge. 

Without doubt narrowminded people who can’t think outside the box will criticize those who have been created to research and get to the bottom of things, they will put them down and even accuse them of being ‘unbelievers’.

Unfortunately, it is because of such narrowminded imitators that religion can’t find the reputable place it deserves in our modern world.

In 1967 I wrote in my book The Great Awakening the following sentence: 


Let us not forget that the Satan became IBLIS because he denied what he could not comprehend!

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