Regarding the Quran

The Quran is the totality of the divine laws and mysteries we discussed thus far. 

There are two types of verses in the Quran:

Muhqam – Absolute

Mutashabiha - Allegorical

The absolute verses notify us of the actions and practices one must engage in to be cleansed of and overcome his natural predisposition.

It tells us which actions will lead to suffering and create our hell in the future by keeping us imprisoned within the limits of our natural make-up. It also tells us how we can know Allah and the necessary practices and prohibitions we must observe to achieve this.

Allegorical verses, on the other hand, are symbolic or metaphoric verses that convey deep divine mysteries and secrets for those who have the capacity to bear it.

No matter how much one thinks he understands these divine realities, if he hasn’t actually and totally grasped them, he will most definitely find a contradiction between his assumption and the laws let known by the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw).

If he completely discerns these realities, that is if he reaches the station of “Heir of Rasulullah”, then he will most certainly find the counterpart of every sharia law inside the “reality” and every “reality” within the sharia laws. He will observe them in their perfect place. If at any point he is convicted otherwise or develops an alternative opinion, this is a sign that he hasn’t completely and totally discerned the matter.

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