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Akhirah: Life After Death

What is life after death, how many forms does it take?

The word akhirah comes from the root word “akhir” which means “after” and is generally used to refer to the domain of life after death. Its other meaning is “the end” of something, which refers to both the notion that there is life at the end of death and that there is an end to all things.

The end of all things…

The end of the human body is deterioration…

The end of the spirit is the hereafter, the domain of life after death!

Is this domain of life after death a place to which we all go after everyone dies and the doomsday takes place?


The life after death begins immediately after one tastes or experiences the physical-biological process of death, when the bodily senses cease to function and the person begins to exist as the spirit rather than the biological body! 

In other words, it is the domain of life without a biological body.

There are two stages of life after death:

The first stage is the Intermediary Realm or the Realm of the Grave. The second is the phase after the Doomsday takes place.

The Intermediary Realm or the Realm of the Grave is a transition phase and is purely spirit based.

In the second phase after Doomsday however, the spirit begins to densify and a new body begins to form.  That is, in the second phase of life after death, after Doomsday, the spirit will develop a new body.

“To have faith in life after death” means to believe with certainty that after one experiences death and abandons his earthly body, he will continue to live with his spirit, a holographic radial body.

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