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The Difference Between God and Allah

To create a god in your head based on your own logic and conditioning and then calling that god “Allah” and judging everyone by this made-up god in your head…

The vast majority of the people today deify and worship a god of their own imagination and creation. They assume there is a god somewhere, a “great” god, who sometimes intervenes with human affairs and sometimes watches from afar… a god who calls to account, sometimes rewards and sometime punishes… A god who allows tyranny to take place on earth, and have millions of people suffer… Sometimes this god is Jewish, sometimes Christian… sometimes none… When things get tough they turn to this god and ask for help, and expect it to come in a particular format, which almost never happens, which is then tied to some ‘reason’!

This god is expected to act according to our wants and needs, otherwise his godhood is questioned.

Everyone uses their own god to threaten others, “If you don’t do this god will punish you” and everyone goes into some form of expectation from this god, they expect that he showers his bounties upon them, regardless of how they act.


If only we could put aside this man-made “god” and try and understand the “Rabb of the worlds” that Islam refers to with the name “Allah”!

If only we could see that the god we imagine into existence has nothing to do with the reality…

If only we could focus more on deciphering the codes of the universe and the immutable laws of the miracle of nature that govern life.

If only we could understand the laws, the order and system of the One denoted with the name Allah and the ’what-why-how’s of the creation of Allah, most certainly our perspective will shift, and we will have a much better understanding of everything!


If we refuse to leave our secure little cocoon and stubbornly close our eyes to see the reality, we will inevitably have to open our eyes into deep suffering and pain!

No excuses will be valid when it is too late!

Making claims about how something should or shouldn’t be without basing it on the Quran or hadith, or making claims about what Allah will or will not do in the future are generally based on the ‘god’ in our heads. We will most probably experience great remorse for this.

Thus, we must put out aside the god in our heads aside and learn about Allah, the Rabb of the worlds! There is no way of conceiving or comprehending the damage our ignorance can cause us in the hereafter!

Whatever the case may be, let us not make any judgment about anyone, and simply say, “He or she will face the consequence of his /her actions, the judgment is up to Allah” and leave our personal opinions aside.

We are not here to judge anyone, we are here to get to know Allah, the universe He created, the laws and the system that govern us, and to fulfill their requisites to prepare for the life after death. 

Remember every game has its own set of rules which must be observed if you want to play that game. You can’t just add or take out rules as you wish, you can’t kick a ball if you’re playing basketball or dribble the ball if you’re playing football! 

The Rasul of Allah (saw) has clarified the rules of the religion of Islam.

The choice to comply with them or not bounds only the individual - just as their consequences!

But this is for certain: 

Nobody has the discretion to modify the laws of religion as they like!

You are free to make an interpretation.

You are free to have an opinion.

You are free to act.

But you do not have the freedom or the right to change the laws!

For the Rasul of Allah (saw) has notified us that no other Nabi will come after him. Since only a Nabi can change the laws of religion, it is clear that this path is closed to humanity for as long as we shall live.

This being the case, everyone is free to accept or reject the teachings of the Rasul (saw) provided they are ready to face its consequence! 

Let us not make up religious laws based on the made-up god in our heads!

Let us not create a world based on this imaginary god, for these delusions will only drive us into great suffering. 

What is the reality?

This should be our primary concern.

How sad for us if this is not what we are thinking of, studying and researching about…

How said for us if we are not using out brain for this purpose. 

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