On Heaven and Hell

Now let us move on to another point… 

If existence is comprised entirely of the meanings of the divine names, how do heaven and hell exist?

To understand this, we must understand existence. If we don’t correctly understand the existence of the world it is not possible for us to comprehend the existence of heaven and hell.

How did this world form? Isn’t Earth the densification of the meanings of the divine names? 

If man is the densified manifestation of the divine names, then so is Earth and so is the universe!

Just as the word ‘earth’ or ‘world’ references the materialized form of certain divine names and meanings, so do the words ‘afterlife’, ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’…

Thus, anyone who denies heaven and hell will be denying Allah. All forms of life, whether worldly or otherworldly, are manifestations of the divine names and their meanings as various compositions.

So whenever one denies heaven, hell, the intermediary realm, the angels, the devils, the jinn, or the Satan, etc. he is inadvertently denying the names of Allah and hence denying Allah.

In short, denial is nothing other than being ignorant of Allah. It is a state of being veiled. He who is in a state of denial, will be prone to the suffering caused by the very thing he denies.

Previously I had said, “Religion is the name given to the manifestation of the reality” and discussed how the divine laws are the mandatory regulations, necessitated by the reality.

I had said, “He who denies any of the divine laws or the laws brought by the Rasul of Allah (saw) will be denying the Reality!”

Then, just as the reality is not separate from the divine laws, it is one and the same as the manifest world and the world of acts. Therefore, the reality is completely present at the level of the names and acts. But due to the veils of the perceivers it may not always be observed at the level of acts.

One veils himself from observing the reality first with his words, then with his conditioning, and then with his illusory identity. 

It is your delusive assumption creating this veil!

Don’t look for the reality in your assumption, look for it in the direction of the divine laws!

Only then may you be of the observers of the reality. 

As the Quran says;

But they have no knowledge (proof) thereof... They follow only unverifiable assumptions, and indeed, never can assumption reflect the Truth![1]

Let us know with certainty, the first station of knowledge is to know what is referenced by the word ‘Allah’… Only then can you realize the reality of your ‘self’!

[1] Quran 53:28

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