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The Ignorance of Denying the Jinn and the Angels

The Quran openly and extensively talks about the existence of the jinn and the angels.

Yet, those who are confined within the limits of their sensory perceptions, or who are inadvertently possessed by the jinn misconstrue the meaning of these beings and deviate from the truth.

What does the Rasul of Allah (saw) say in regard to the jinn who are always with us and affect us?

He says there are two beings that are always present with us, one of them is a jinn and the other is an angel. They constantly send specific frequencies to the persons brain based on their own make up and meaning.

The jinn[1] predominantly propel the person towards the material, the bodily life, and all the transitory fleeting things that will be left behind, and hence prevent him from taking life after death seriously. If and when the person remembers the jinn immediately try to channel the person away from this remembrance, and if the person’s make-up is permitting, they will be easily drawn to this energy!

This is how people inadvertently become possessed by or affected by the jinn.

The only tool to save one from this force is “knowledge”! Through knowledge one can correctly identify the force at play and take the necessary precautions to protect himself.

The dhikr that creates a protective magnetic shield around the person against the jinn is:

“La hawla wala kuwwatah illa billah”

“Rabbi inni massaniyyash shaytanu Bi noosbin wa adhab; Rabbi audhu Bika min hamazatish shayateen wa audhu bika Rabbi an yahduroon. Wa hifzan min qulli shaytanin mareed.”[2]

If a person is disturbed by the jinn during their sleep in the form of nightmares, they can recite these protective prayers a few hundred times and they will see that the pressure is lifted immediately.

Contrary to common knowledge, the Satan known as “Iblis” is a jinn, not an angel. The following verse makes this clear.

“And when We said to the angels, ‘Prostrate to Adam,’ and all but Iblis prostrated. He was of the jinn...”[3]

The jinn that are of the same category of Iblis generally propel humans away from experiencing their reality, constantly pushing them towards bodily desires.

The following sahih muslim hadith explains how there is a jinn assigned to every person:

Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Masud (ra): 

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said: 

− Assigned to every single one of you, with no exception, is a jinn. 

The followers asked:

− Oh Rasul of Allah! Is there one assigned to you too? 

− Yes there is! However, Allah has helped me by making it a Muslim, so that it advises nothing but good to me. 


Another hadith openly says:

“Assigned to man are two beings, one is a jinn and the other is an angel.”

One drives man away from the truth while the other encourages towards the truth! They constantly generate thoughts in the person according to their own nature. 

If the jinn overpowers the person inadvertently becomes ruled by it, as explained in the following verse:

“O community of jinn, you have truly possessed (misled from reality) the vast majority of mankind.” [4]

As I explained in detail in “Spirit, Man, Jinn” the biggest entertainment of the jinn is to compete with one another on how many people they were able to trick and delude. As the following hadith explains:

Jabir (ra) narrates from the Rasul of Allah (saw): 

“The Satan sends his army in units and they create provocation and disorder among the people. Among them the one with the highest rank is the one that causes the greatest provocation.”


Hence, we are constantly subject to countless provocative thoughts throughout our day that delude us and drive us to make mistakes. 


1400 years ago, the human body was described as “earth”, denoting the minerals and water that comprise its basic make-up. Similarly, the jinn are made of radiation and were hence described as “toxic smokeless fire that penetrates into the cells.” 

The Quran describes “Satan” as a “jinn” and stresses the supremacy of consciousness over bodily greatness. 

I have provided a lot of detail on the topic of the jinn in “Spirit Man Jinn” which I wrote in 1972, hence there is no need to go into further detail here. 

The truth is, the Quran clearly states that the majority of the people are under the ruling of the jinn.

It explains how the jinn divert and digress the people from the truth and drive them away from fulfilling the requisites of the reality. It also highlights the importance of not becoming seduced by them by reminding us of the realities awaiting us in the afterlife. 

Despite the warnings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) if one chooses to believe in the jinn in the guise of “psychics” and/or “spirits”, then clearly they are creating their own downfall, and no amount of regret and remorse will be of no any benefit to them when they face the reality.

As for the angels…

As opposed to the radiation-based make-up of the jinn, the angels are made of photon like light.

In fact, when we examine the different beams and rays of light, we are in effect examining the angels, albeit unconsciously!

Think of it like examining a human under a gigantic electron microscope. You see the intricate details of the cells; you identify the DNA, and all the inter-molecular structures, but you are totally unaware that this is a human. 

Similarly, science today is examining many such structures without knowing what the actual object or being is!

The angels are just as real and widespread as the jinn, and they compose the very raw material of the universe!

To deny the existence of this elementary material that has an enormous effect on the brain and the jinn, is pure ignorance and bigotry!

If instead we try to comprehend these beings and force our brains to ascend to a higher level…

We may perhaps begin to understand and identify these countless conscious beings who rule our brain, sometimes via physical means and sometimes through their metaphysical cosmic makeups.

These beings are comprised of pure force, like the pure Spirit. 

Due to our primitive ignorance we deprive ourselves from knowing and understanding them!

Man is created for knowledge; to learn, to research, and to grow…. how sad for him to imprison himself within the cell of ignorance!

At some point or another, science will advance enough to develop the necessary technology to identify these beings called the jinn and make contact with them. 

But the angels will never be detected and identified via material tools, because to perceive the angels the brain must work at extremely high levels and it is impossible for man to invent a tool of equal capacity to himself.

When one denies the existence of the angels he unconsciously and ignorantly denies the countless qualities within himself. This loss is inexplicable! It is impossible to explain to the ignorant one how great a loss he incurs by confining himself to the limits of the five senses.

[1] More information on the jinn can be found in “Spirit, Man, Jinn” 

[2] Quran 38:41 – 23:97-98 – 37:7

[3] Quran 18:50

[4] Quran 6:128

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