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Religion Is Not Politics

Misusing potential power to provoke the youth for the purpose of bringing down the governmental regimes and establishing an Islamic government…

Religion was not sent so that the people can establish sovereignty on Earth!

There is neither a government in the afterlife nor is there a place for governmental regimes!  

Nobody will be called to account regarding the governmental regimes in the grave!!!

Religion is for the individual, not for a government!

And just because the governmental regime is not Islamic, one who dies with faith in Allah and His Rasul (saw) will not go to hell.

Islamic regime came to an end with after the four caliphates after which the regimes of the sovereignties began. 

There is no room for dictatorship or sovereignty in the name of Islam!

The principles of Islam do not agree with civil-martial dictatorship!

Amongst the pillars of Islam there is no rule such as “If you don’t change the governmental regimes and make them Islamic you will die as an unbeliever.”

If one’s faith was based on a governmental regime, there would have been no Muslims left on Earth after the four caliphates and no saints would have been raised since!

It is not governments that need to take precaution for the afterlife but the individuals!

It is those who have not grasped the real purpose of religion or who have been wrongly conditioned, that invest their energy into governments instead of focusing on the ‘individual’ who needs to be saved and fulfilling the necessary practices in this way.

If we had truly understood the purpose of Islam our attitudes would have been entirely different today. So then let us put our focus into understanding this purpose and align our behaviors accordingly.

And let us not forget there are hundreds of millions of Muslims living under countless different governmental regimes who will go to heaven regardless, provided they live according to the pillars of Islam and fulfill its requisites.

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