The ultimate destination is contained in the primary cell of our being. That cell contains my characteristics, i.e., by genotype and phenotype but it doesn’t define me in every detail.

When we look at things from an astrological view for example, we say that we are currently under the effect of Uranus, where Uranus reflects the traits of Aquarius. This does not mean we can conclude from this that “Hulusi is going to write a book” or “Hulusi is going to contemplate on such and such”.

The incoming new wave from Uranus will definitely stimulate certain thought processes, but the results will vary amongst individuals according to their already existing databases. If my database is ready to output a new thought, then the incoming stimulus will have a favorable effect on my intellect. But if I lack this capacity, or am not in a receiving mode, then the same wave will come to me but have no effect on my brain function. The various planetary influences that reach the brain are nothing more than stimuli to activate certain parts of the brain.

Another example can be given of medical experiments performed on cats. Sexual activity of cats was observed to increase significantly when the sex centers in their brains were stimulated with electrodes. When their anger centers were stimulated, they started to growl. Thus it can be understood that when certain sections of the brain are ‘irritated’ the brain responds. Likewise, when astrological data reach the brain it comes in an elementary format, without a particular notion. Depending on which part of the brain receives the data, how it processes it, the contents of its database, and the interpretation it makes, the resulting behaviors differ.

As for fate…

A final destination and a general path to lead us there, have been predetermined for us. Everything else depends on the individual program we run, and its natural consequences. Our program is constantly in synch with the angelic influences coming from our dimensional depths. Hence, our behavior is a synthesis of both the inward, and the outward influences that constantly surround us.

This formation is what we call the ‘individual will’. To deny the individual will is to deny this formation! To say that the individual will and the ‘Will of the One’ are ‘one and the same thing’, is not to deny the individual will; just as claiming ice to be water doesn’t negate the formation called ‘ice’ (but doesn’t assign a separate existence to ice either.)

When we observe the reality from the dimension of pure consciousness, we cannot see anything in existence other than the One. In this state, there is no dispersion or multitude; there is no ‘other’ to possess a separate will. Only when we observe from an individual point of view, that is the dimension of multiplicity, we see individualized expressions of the One Will, which appear to be many, but, in essence, they come from the same source.

The Quran elucidates this matter to those of understanding by saying “You will only live the consequences of your own actions”, referring to the individual will in the domain of multiplicity. Then, reflecting it from the projection of unity, it says “There is only one will: Allah”, referring to the reality that “there is no existence other than Allah.”

Both are true, as both are different projections of the same reality.

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