If Allah has willed to create that individual with that particular program, how can we question His Absolute Knowledge and Will? Clearly, Allah has deliberately chosen to designate that particular composition to that particular individual. To think he or she is wrong, or flawed or inappropriate, is to undermine, doubt and even deny the Godhead of Allah!



What do dreams signify? Do they have a valid place in the System? How do we see what we see in our dreams, do our spirits leave our body and go elsewhere?

The term ‘astral travelling’ denotes a state of the brain, where the emission of a certain kind of radar waves, projects certain images to our brain, allowing us to see and experience certain things or events.

The general conception is that the spirit leaves the body when we sleep, takes a little tour, then re-enters at the time of waking. This isn’t so! The spirit does not leave the body or go anywhere! The enlightened ones, who have been able to activate their third eye, have mastered the ability to direct their radar waves to a particular location and perceive that place through images that get projected back to their brains.

Those who are ignorant of the mechanics of this process think their spirits actually leave their body and go to some other place.

Whereas the spirit can only leave the body in two ways:

1. Death

2. Conquest (fath)

The truly enlightened ones, who have been able to conquer their souls, who have ‘died before death’ and attained the state of Haqq al-yakeen (The Certainty of The Reality), are the only ones who can observe without the body. All other observers rely on the radar waves omitted by their brain![1]

The radar waves can either be a miracle, based and directed to the material dimensions above Earth, or a phenomenon based and directed to the dimensions of Heaven, Hell and the Intermediate Realm. It can also be directed towards lower dimensions, depending on the expansion capacity of the brain.

To give an example, when we dream of angels, we see them in various forms and figures with which we are already familiar. Angels do not have ‘forms’ in their original state; they only have certain frequencies in relation to their particular function. In other words, angels are ‘high frequency vibrations’. When one of these frequencies reaches our brain, we crosscheck it with our pre-existing database and decode it based on the closest frequency we can find, and then assign an image to it.

When a tree talks in our dream for example, it’s actually an angel; a high frequency vibration that got decoded and interpreted as a tree as this was the closest frequency the brain was able to find in its database!

[1] This topic has been covered in detail in my book The Power of Payer for those who may be interested.

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