If, on the other hand, we have been decreed to be of the unfortunate ones, then:

“Allah is the owner of everything; He is All-Just and is free to do as He wishes. None has the right to question His wish!”

Who and what is independent of, or separate from, Allah such that they can question His authority?

If you claim you want the Reality, then you must be willing to pay the price my friend!

What if you are making this claim, yet deceiving yourself by continuing to indulge in personal pleasures?

Do not be veiled!

When Moses went to meet His Rabb, Allah called out to him from fire:

“I am Allah your Rabb O Moses!”

So do not be surprised when fire addresses you! Fire will burn you!

Do not be veiled from it when it addresses you from a place that burns you! What burns you is ‘fire’, not what your eyes perceive as ‘flame’. And as long as you burn, you will be in your personal hell. This world is a part of hell too. So long as you continue living this worldly life, you will be living in hell.

Nevertheless, if you still claim you want to reach Allah, know that ‘you’ can never reach Allah.

Don’t follow the footsteps of those who promise to give you a wonderful worldly life. Follow those who will “Kill you before your death”; lest you get addressed with the words “You are forbidden to see me!”

Those who provide you with a glittery worldly life will do so up to the grave, if that! Eventually, your demise will be inevitable.

Your true friend is the one who will kill you before you die, as ‘the believer unites with Allah through death’ at which point you will claim like Rumi:

“Do not despair at my funeral! Play and rejoice! For I am going to unite with my Beloved!”

Indeed, your true friend is the one who will kill your fake identity, your illusory self, and save you from your illusion of being separate, hence enabling you to unite with your source.

Seek this death, and seek this friend, so that you can start truly living!

Death, like hell, is a mercy. The mercy of Rahman is hidden in suffering, just like remedy is hidden in bitter medicine.

Death only scares those who are attached to the world, as death for them means the loss of everything they seemingly own. But if one fails to deal with these fears now, the consequences, that it will bring tomorrow, will be much more formidable.

Come my friend... come willingly and lovingly to die for the sake of Allah so that you will be enlivened with The Ever Living One (Hayy) and The Everlasting One (Baqi).

Die now my friend, die now and live forever…

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