Faith In What?

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In this chapter I want to share my understanding of the reality of faith, RisalahNubuwwah and Wilayah

As opposed to the seeming plurality or multiplicity of the multiverses based on our sensory perception, let us begin at the “point” - the Domain of the Names – or in other words, the means by which the Single, non-dual, indivisible, inseparable and infinite ocean of waves becomes manifest. 

The “point” or the Domain of the Names manifests itself in yet another wondrously unique way at every instance. It is the means by which the single framed multi-dimensional picture, everything that is perceivable or unperceivable to us, is brought into existence. In the Quran this is referred to as disclosure (irsal).

Amongst the disclosed, some live their lives based on an external perspective or vision (on their creational path) and some, albeit only a very few, live to fulfill their function based on an internal reality. 

What I mean by internal reality is the non-duality of existence to which I’ve been referring (since 1985) with the letter B or as the “point”. It is the real Self, which has been described in Sufism as “there is a Self within me that is not of me”…

While the person lives an external life based on his programming he cannot discover and express his internal qualities (some of the Names that are embedded deep within) for he accepts himself as the physical body and thus denies or is unaware of his energy body. He spends his life within the cocoon (or hell) woven by his genetic data, environmental conditioning, and the judgments and emotions based on these.

Whereas his real “Self” or essential reality, is nothing other than the Domain of the Names that are manifest in all of the beings! Thus he spends his life ignorant of the fact that these Names comprise his very existence and that these divine qualities can actually become manifest in his life. In fact, some do, but he spends his life totally oblivious to them, without ever once wondering about their source.

If the person’s life purpose is to experience the hidden infinity within his essence and to express these forces to create his heaven, the abode that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no speech has expressed, then he will need the Rasul of Allah (saw) to support (intervene) his purpose of existence. The Rasul of Allah (saw) articulates and notifies one of the truths based on the person’s purpose of disclosure. There is no compulsion in their application however!  “You cannot force them into anything[1]For one who’s destined for it will succeed with ease, but no amount of force or compulsion can be of any avail for the one who isn’t destined for it. Thus the Rasul of Allah (saw) invites the people to have faith in the Domain of Names comprising their essence, or in other words, the Domain of Names pertaining to the One denoted by the name Allah. Therefore, to have real faith –not an imitative one- means to have faith that your Rabb is Allah. This is the way it was expressed in the past. Let us remember what Rabb means. Rabb is the force or mechanism that manifests and forms the person’s life in accordance with the data that is dictated by the Domain of Names comprising the person’s existence.

If the individual, who is like a single drop in an infinite limitless ocean of meanings, has faith that his essential reality is comprised of the Domain of Names, he will be freed from becoming conditioned by or dependent on anything external, and from feeling the need to possess and own external things. In turn he will be released of the fear of losing, for how can you lose something you don’t own?

[1]Quran 50:45

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