The Magnificent Source

As we all know, the holographic universe model is one of the most significant discoveries of the past century. The sun of science that has risen from the West is shedding light upon and guiding humanity towards the understanding of Unity and non-duality, purifying from the concept of a deity and channeling towards the reality denoted by the name Allah…

On the other hand, unfortunately, the most exalted miracle has been covered and scaled down to a history book and the most magnificent individual consciousness and the Spirit of Eternity has been reduced from being the articulator of the reality to a postman position.

You can imagine the degree of violation and offence committed by a mentality that markets the most noble source of knowledge that explains the reality, formation, and the dimensionality of life, simply as ‘god’s book of commands.’

Forget being a tribe leader, this noble being claims, “If you were to give the moon to my one hand and the sun to my other hand I will not give up my cause”. I can’t even begin to imagine the extent of suffering of those who use the universal teachings of this noble spirit to herd the people on the day the veils are lifted.

It’s interesting that the Quran, an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance based on the mystery denoted by the letter B, has been deciphered by prominent saints, some of whom we’ve heard and some of whom we haven’t… yet there are still some who hang it on their walls inside fancy cases and claim that it is sent from the almighty god in space!

The magnificent broadcast of the Reformer (Mahdi) of our century has enabled the sun to rise from the west and the holographic reality to be discovered, and yet we’ve just been sitting on this treasure all along!

Approximately 700 years ago, Abdul Karim al-Jili stated the following in his “al-Insan al-Kamil”: 

“Each individual of the human species, and in fact every existent ‘thing’, contains within itself the others entirely, without any lack… individuals are, then, like opposing mirrors, in which one fully reflects the other…”

How else could one have explained the holographic reality pointing to the UNITY of existence seven centuries ago?

In short, the holographic universe and holographic brain model of the modern world says:

Whatever exists within the multiverses, exists within every thing (individual unit of existence) entirely.

I tried to explain the same thing in the past:

All of the cones composed of all the points created within the SPIRIT that derives its existence from the domain of names referred to as the POINT, fulfill their existential purposes as projections, and contains the totality of the point, for the point cannot be divided, fragmented or separated into pieces, it is a single indivisible existence.

The Quran says:

And He taught (programmed) Adam (the name ‘Adam’ in the Quran references every single human, who in reality is nonexistent and has been created from a state of nothingness through the manifestation of a composition of Names) all of the Names (all knowledge pertaining to the Names and their manifestation).[1]

[1]Quran 2:31

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