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The Form Of Knowledge And The Multidimensional Hologram

Data willed! (When we will for something to occur, it takes form after the command ‘Be!’ in that ‘instant’)

“I created the worlds to be known and Adam to know!”

The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting…

Those who can fast by duly accomplishing the requisites of faith will celebrate the eid of having reached the ability to recognize and experience the divine forces. This will be the joy of breaking fast for the believer.

Those who simply starve themselves and feel nothing other than hunger will also celebrate, however their celebration will go no further than satiating their taste buds and filling their stomachs. 

As for those in between, everyone will experience the results based on the depth and degree of their fasting.

Those who’ve been brainwashed and conditioned to think in a particular way will obviously live the consequences of their inability to adapt to the “Renewed.” 

The operating system Windows works only on computers with an Intel or AMD platform. Just like the conditioned brains that have been raised with the religious teachings offered through ‘Quran courses’ and ‘Religious Schools.’

Linux on the other hand is platform-free. It runs on all computers.  From Apple to Amiga, from workstations with Sun Sparc operating system to the worlds fastest computer Tianhe-1A, it runs on all platforms including the ones that run Windows. Just like the brains who can evaluate the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and travel among the manifestations of Allah without limitation and judgment (the operating system of the Renewer).

Whosoever is able to transform their salat into miraj (ascension), put their faith into practice and experience the reality of fasting will be rewarded according to the secret of the divine principle “Fasting is for me and it I who shall reward it!” 

Some will be among the rewarded with their bodies, while resting in the shade of the Throne with their essence, and some will go back to playing house after the reality becomes evident to them, due to emotionalism and sentimentality.

Has there not been a time, when man was not a thing even mentioned?[1] 

The word man here refers to “data”, aka the “point”, “The Reality of Muhammad”, “The Perfect Man.

Dahr (time) is the infinite array of data and points in the sight of Allah, to which we refer to as “Allahu Akbar”. The verse above connotes that this array is so infinitely vast that a single data on a single point amongst the endless infinite points is not worth mentioning in the sight of Allah.

The knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence (dhat) informs us of this from the Dimension of Names, upon this we claim, “Allahuakbar!”

FatabarakALLAHu ahsanul Khalikeen!

Exalted is Allah, the most beautiful of Creators![2]

Data willed to observe its knowledge with its knowledge in its knowledge…

It willed to be known and thus appeared as Muhammad (saw).

It willed to observe and experience and thus disclosed Adam (that which does not essentially exist; a virtual reality) to observe itself in the mirror of the brain!

[1]Quran 76:01

[2]Quran 23:14

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