To Avoid Burning

In order to avoid burning out and suffering from stress and ailments, it is imperative that we have faith in the “Rabb of the worlds”. Knowing and having faith in the Rabb of the worlds is the onlyway out of hell.


Know thyself they say…

What’s the deal with knowing the “Rabb of the worlds?” you might ask, “Is knowing my Rabb the same as knowing the Rabb of the worlds?”

Actually, there is a significant difference.

If one who knows his Rabb doesn’t know the Rabb of the worlds, then his state will be like that of the Pharaoh! For one who knows the Rabb of the worlds will be the recipient of the call, “O contented consciousness! Experience my paradise!”

Let us expand on this a little more…

Man enters paradise with faith, but faith in what?

Faith in the Rabb of the worlds! 

I wrote a lot on having faith in Allah based on the denotation of the mystery of the letter B. Let us now explore what it means to have faith in the Rabb of the worlds, and how it is done, for this is what holds the key to Paradise!

Knowing one’s self requires the recognition and the deciphering of the mystery of the letter B. Thereby, one who knows his essential self will know his Rabb. This is the first station, also called Sayr al-Anfusi (The recognition of the individual realities or the path of the inward journey. This recognition is what allows one to experience his “Inspired Self” state. Many thinks this is the final station. But alas! This is only the beginning!

One who reaches this station assumes to be ‘the One’ and believes all his actions are legitimate. If he doesn’t duly undergo a purification process and become cleansed of the notion of being a separate individual he will become like the Pharaoh! If after this station he fails to move on to the next station, Sayr al-Afaqi (objective external observation of the universal realities), he will forever suffer in a state of hell. Suffering and burning will only end when one can achieve objective external observation of the universal realities, and this can only be done by having faith in the Rabb of the worlds. 

So, what does this mean?

One who understands the mystery of the letter B will understand that his being is the very Being of the One, but he may still be veiled from the Rabb of the worlds, which will cause him to be veiled from the truth that everyone and everything around him is at the effect and control of the Rabb of the worlds. As a result, he will expect others to confine to him and be like him, rather than just accepting them the way they are. In other words, not realizing that they are not left to their own devices, he will expect them to stop serving their own Rabb and start serving his Rabb. Whereas they have their own unique creational design and by carrying out their own programming they will be fulfilling their servitude, it’s not possible for them to be any other way!

Stress is the biggest cause of illness, but stress is simply the automatic output of a life that is lived in a state of being veiled from, and unconscious of the Rabb of the worlds. 

The Rabb of the worlds creates every individual to fulfill a particular function; this is their natural servitude. It’s not possible for them not to fulfill this function.

The result of this function, however, may very well be a state of suffering, just as it may be a state of pleasure and joy.

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