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The Holographic Universe of Your Mind

Whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you can comprehend it or not, there is one absolute scientific reality:

You live and dwell within your imagination and your imagination alone!

Electromagnetic waves, transmitted to your brain via all of your senses, are evaluated by your brain’s existing platform of data, creating the multi-dimensional holographic world in which you live. Regardless of who you are, you do not live or exist in the outside world - you live in an imaginary world that exists inside of your mind.

Any particular thing, that you sense or judge, is no more than your perception of an instance of its existence.

Everyone lives and will continue to live, indefinitely, in his or her own created world. Your heaven and your hell are, and will be, as ‘real’ as you consider your imaginary world to be real for you right now.

Everything that exists in your world is there based on the values formed by the database of your brain... All, that makes you happy or gives you sorrow, are due to these values in your personal database.

Now, it’s the time for renewal!

It is time to discover the existence of our quantum potential; our cosmic electromagnetic awakening; and the multi-dimensional holographic existence created by our wave converter, commonly referred to as the brain! 

So let us put an end to all the nonsense about quantum cafes, quantum healing, quantum cakes, and wake up to reality!

But first, let us become cognizant of this:

It is the time to completely reconstruct the teachings that have been imparted to us by Muhammad (saw), the Quran and all the saints and enlightened ones, who communicated their message through signs, allegories, and metaphors. It is time to view these teachings in the light of all the scientific facts and resources available to us today.

The most magnificent brain to have ever manifested on earth was the brain of Muhammad (saw). He disclosed to humanity the absolute reality. Those, who can comprehend this truth, who have acquired the ability to ‘READ’, will know that the Quran is the voice of the Absolute.

Hadhrat Ali, the enlightened ones of late and all mystics have attained awareness of ‘the reality’ by ‘READING’ the system and have explained the same universal truths, but through various symbols and examples that were available to them in their time.

Given the fact that the universal truths have been delivered to us, time and time again, through the use of symbols and metaphors, we too can analyze the topic further by way of an analogy:

Let’s assume that a present day modern man, a man that spends his day browsing the internet, communicating globally using internet telephony, aware of all that transpires across the globe in minutes through real-time news flow, was beamed back, 1,000 years in time, to a civilization that does not even have the use or knowledge of electricity. How would such a man explain the tools of our everyday life to those around him? How close to the truth would their perception be? How could they even begin to understand the actual reality of what is being described to them?

As such, many enlightened individuals, in the past, have tried to communicate the universal truths to us through the use of symbols, metaphors and examples of their time, to awaken us to the realities that, even now, we haven’t completely deciphered today! 

Some are able to interpret and grasp the true meaning and essence of these messages, and some, devoid of the capacity to comprehend such knowledge, take these examples literally and fail to understand them.

In that case, the first thing, that we must do, is to abandon the nonsense that religion and science are two separate things and reestablish the religious truths, using the language of science!

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