Are We Renewed Yet?

In this book, I intend to expand on some of the primary points I had covered in The Observing One and The Essence of Man.

In the past spiritual enlightenment, intuition, self-discovery and spiritual unveiling (kashf) were literally the only means of attaining and observing the reality for those who couldn’t access scientific knowledge. And these observations were quite inevitably expressed and articulated via metaphors and symbolic language, which left others, who heard of these realities but didn’t actually experience them, to repeat and imitate those who did.

Then the command “Renew yourself!” was given… approximately sixty years ago when the atom (matter) was divided!

Matter was seen for what it actually was: the brain’s limited projection based on the five senses! But this wasn’t the only thing; we were like fish of consciousness swimming in an “ocean of waves” and when the fish of consciousness dived into the depths of the ocean they encountered the “holographic reality”!

Beyond the ocean, the brain itself was a holographic structure!

Through the layers of quarks and past the string theories, an indivisible oneness (ahad-samadwas alluring to the ONE.

And then another phenomenal recognition took place: the platform where all of this was perceived was simply a lower level of a higher, much greater platform! There were universes within universes, and yet all of it was like a single multi-dimensional picture, a “point”, capturing an “instance” of the manifestations of the infinite qualities of the Names of Allah!

And this point was merely one point among an infinite array of points in the knowledge of the One referenced by ‘Allah’!

Allahu Akbar!” (Allah is beyond comprehension!) exclaimed those who awakened to the holographic reality, or to put it metaphorically, their essential reality!.

I try to share this knowledge with you based on the teachings of Muhammad (saw) -the most magnificent brain to have ever manifested, the most sublime Spirit of all times, the most excellent Nur of the dimension known as ‘paradise’- and based on the secrets contained in the Quran -to the best of my capacity to decode and adapt them to today’s modern findings – aiming to present a brand new perspective and perhaps a key for a different dimension of life.

With the hope of uniting again in the infinite life termed ‘nur’ after abandoning our bodies in this realm and our spirits in the next…


Ahmed Hulusi

4 May 2007


* I thank my wife Cemile and her father Atasay Kamer for providing me the comfort and environment in which I have been able to pen my thoughts in peace and without being in need for many years…

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