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Do We Really Have Faith In The Rasul Of Allah (Saw)?

A chant reaches my ears from afar by Ahmet Ozhan: 

“A nip of s’renity this is… didn’t I bid thee thou cannot swallow t…”

An enlightened one once uttered these words. What is this nip of serenity that is so hard to swallow? 

Firstly, it is to have faith in the Rasul of Allah (saw), and lastly, it is to have faith in the Rasul of Allah (saw)!

Having faith in religion depends totally on having faith in the teachings of the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah, Muhammad Mustapha (saw).

I’m not talking about our “blessed and beloved prophet the exemplary figure of ethics and good virtue”! Those who live with this conjecture can go on living their life with good ethics, picking stones off the road, feeding their neighbor, etc. oblivious of the realities of the Sunnatullah…. What can I say…

I’m talking about the realities of the system that are of extremely profound importance, which the Rasul and final Nabi of Allah, Muhammad (saw) wanted us to at least believe in, even if we can’t observe and discern them.

Obviously I’m not expecting that we all come to a level of observation like that of Hadhrat Ali’s, the lion of Allah and the zenith of sainthood, who said “I’m the talking Quran” and who claimed “I won’t believe in an Allah that I can’t observe (experience)”!

But even if we can’t reach the height and supremacy of cognition let us at least stay as far away as possible from the primitiveness of denial. 

Let us at least not deny the universal realities of the system (Sunnatullah) observed by the Universal Man who has cleansed himself of all prejudice regarding race, color, language and culture differences and reached the level of the universal truths so that the door to having real faith in the Sunnatullah may be opened to us…

Let us know…

In the Quran, having faith in fate means having faith in the system and mechanism in effect within the multiverses, also known as the Sunnatullah. However, the explanations are limited by the conditions that were in effect 14 centuries ago, even though the scientific discoveries of our times fully confirm and comply with them.

What religion refers to as fate is basically the creational system and mechanism concerning the inhabitants of the multidimensional single frame picture, the SINGLE existence called “SPIRIT” which is the reflection of the Names of Allah.

Earlier, I had talked about the observation of the Perfect Man (aka angel called Spirit and the Reality of Muhammad) and those who reach the level of self-conquering and unveiling. Imagine if the scope of your perception extended beyond the system in which you live, to other galaxies and universes, and to all other dimensions, below and above, that is, all through the levels of molecular, atomic and sub-atomic matter to the infinite levels of higher matter encompassing all of the conscious beings within every layer of existence, if we were able to perceive them all at the same time, if our brain was able to process this information and turn it into an image…..!

Imagine if we were able to directly observe everything deriving its existence from a single Source! Imagine witnessing the names of Allah manifesting themselves in amazingly wondrous ways at every instance!

And beyond that, experiencing nothingness… This is what Ahadiyyah points to! Akbariyyah, on the other hand, points to the fact that He is al-Ghani from the worlds… (The rich and independent. The One who is beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations of His Names).

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