Renew Yourself!

If only you knew the extent of deprivation of those who don’t understand the message of the most magnificent being, the Rasul of Allah (saw) and who instead conceive him as God’s postman… 

Can’t you see how they are suffocating in their cocoon because they assign the label “Allah” on their “deity-god” conjecture?

If only we can realize that even though we’ve been openly told to moralize ourselves with “the morals of Allah” our inability to perceive this and our lack of contemplation about the meanings of the metaphors are causing us to squander away a lifetime that we will never again have the opportunity to live!

But alas, if it has not been made easy, whatever I say is useless. Just as when water falls upon a stone it flows over without penetrating, this information will have no impact.

But if it has been made easy for us, if we have been destined for it, why not make a little effort to shift our paradigm and have an intellectual leap!?

Why not abandon the limited five-sense perception and see as “Basir” and hear as “Sami” and communicate with the universal existence as Latif (the One who is subtly present in the depths of every manifestation) and Habir (the One who is aware of the manifestations of His Names at all times and who allows the individual to discern the level of their comprehension through what they manifest). Without prejudice, without judgment, and unconditionally!

Why not go beyond the search for the God of different races, or different planets, galaxies and universes, and recognize the “Rabb of the worlds”?

A god that thinks like a man and who governs the worlds with human emotions!?

We haven’t been able to discern the One denoted by the name Allah but we sure have personified “god”!!!

Renew yourself my friend!

All of the information you need to renew yourself right now can be accessed from the keypad beneath your fingertips.

If the Dajjal (Antichrist) has TV and the media to mix the right with the wrong, the Mahdi has the Internet in which you can find all of the “right” answers!

Think about yourself, the world, the galaxy, if you have the capacity, think of this universe, which is like our planet earth in comparison to the multiple universes!

Think of that magnificent omnipotent being who created all of the in numerous forms of life within all of these layers of existence!

But if you’re reading this and not feeling anything then strain your eyes no further.

If only we can understand that the essence of the Rasul (risalah) is the angel named SPIRIT which is the first reflection of the Domain of Names, which is the same as the Reality of Muhammad, or Mumin

If only we can comprehend that expressing the knowledge and qualities pertaining to the Names, the Single Reflection, the One who manifests Himself anew at every instance, is the very reality of risalah.

If only we understood that irsal(disclosure) takes place at this level and with that the Single Reflection (tajalli-i wahid) is formed.

Perhaps then we may realize that the morals of the Rasul are no other than the morals of Allah, and that this is not about a “god”.

If only we can ponder on the connection between why the reality of risalah was revealed (inzal) to the most magnificent brain that manifested on earth, and him being the habib (lover) of Allah and having the most comprehensive morals…

Perhaps then we can realize what the phrase, “The morals of the Rasul were the morals of Allah” actually means…

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