The Magnificent Disclosure

The point was disclosed to the worlds as the brain…

He observed himself in the mirror of the brain and claimed “He who has seen me has seen the One!”

When the reality of Muhammad was disclosed, the Muhammadan reality became manifest as the person Muhammad Mustapha and claimed “I am Allah’s Rasul” and invited the people to have faith in his teachings.

Those to whom the discernment of “La ilaha” (There is no God) was not given, took him as a mere “prophet” or completely disregarded him, not hearing or perceiving him despite their senses.

They tossed him to the sky or to heavens afar, like they tossed their god, ignorant of the Reality of Muhammad and the meaning of the verse “So wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allah (you are face to face with the manifestation of Allah’s Names”)[1]

They couldn’t fathom the reality that the existence of the worlds is comprised of forms of knowledge which are derived from the domain of names that are observing each other and yet all of it is a single reflection, and even that is observed! Observing knowledge, in his knowledge with his knowledge… the phenomenon referred to as the unity of witness in the past…

They couldn’t understand the meaning of the call “Have faith that I am the Rasul of Allah” (the manifestation of grace in the worlds) from the Omnipresent One who took the form of Muhammad. They reduced the divine disclosure to a label called “prophet” blinded to the reality denoted by “so wherever you turn there is the face of Allah…”

Their minds could not surpass the limitation of their senses. They couldn’t go beyond seeing with their physical eyes and hearing with their physical ears! Thus, their brains were blocked with the label “prophethood”. They couldn’t see the reality behind the brain, and hence they couldn’t have faith in it. They were constricted to the world of their physical senses, the physical brain, the cells, the neurons and so on… that’s as far as they got…

While science was determining the universe to be a hologram they had no idea what the underlying meaning was behind, “the whole of existence and all of the worlds are forms of knowledge in the sight of Allah” …

They created the “other” and placed him somewhere beyond themselves and then they worshipped him, squandering away their lives with such futile acts.

They heard the call, “Do not take gods besides Allah” so they went ahead and labeled their gods “Allah” and continued their duality in disguise, without realizing they were deifying and taking gods besides Allah. 

They conceived the Quran as a book of commands, the Domain of Names as a galaxy in space, and Rabb as a god to whose presence you can climb -or shall I say “ascend”- your way up, and the Rasul as the space prophet who had successfully accomplished this mission of climbing, pardon me, ascending to god (!)

Ah my dear enlightened friends, scientists and theists, professors and saints!

“Revelation” is the knowledge of the Dimension of Names manifesting as the individual. Like the honey bee, all of existence receives revelation and continues their lives with its guidance. 

The Rasul of Allah explains the truth based on revelation. When he says, “I am a human just like you” what he means to say is, “you are also like me, you’re simply not conscious of the Oneness.”

[1]Quran 2:115

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