An-Nur: The Knowledge that is the source and essence of everything! The essence of everything is Nur; everything is comprised of knowledge. Life subsists with knowledge. Those with knowledge are the ever-living ones (Hayy), while those who lack knowledge are like living dead.

Al-Qabid: The One who exercises His verdict by retaining the essence of an individual’s Name reality. The One who restrains and enforces withdrawnness.

Al-Qadir: The One who creates (discloses, manifests) and observes His knowledge with His power without depending on causality. The One who is absolutely boundless!

Al-Qahhar: The One who executes the effects of His Name ‘Wahid’ and renders invalid the seeming existence of the relative ‘I’ness.

Al-Qayyum: The One who renders Himself existent with His own attributes, without the need of anything. Everything in existence subsists with al-Qayyum.

Al-Qawwi: The One who transforms His power into the enabling potential for the manifestation of existence (hence comprising the force of the whole of existence).

Al-Quddus: The One who is free and beyond being defined, conditioned and limited by His manifest qualities and concepts! Albeit the engendered existence is the disclosure of His Names, He is pure and beyond from becoming defined and limited by them!

Qurbiyyah: The state of divine closeness.

Rabb: The Name composition/divine qualities comprising one’s essence.

Ar-Rafi: The One who exalts. The one who elevates conscious beings to higher states of existence; to enable the realization and observation of their essential reality.

Ar-Rahman: Ar-Rahman signifies the materialization of the essence of every iota with Allah’s Names in His knowledge. In modern terms, it designates the quantum potential. It is the potential of the source of the entire creation. It is the name of the Dimension of Names! All things obtain their existence at the level of knowledge and will with the attributes denoted by this name.

Rahmaniyyah: The quantum potential.

Rahmah: Grace.

Ar-Rahim: Ar-Rahim is the Name that brings the infinite qualities of ar-Rahman into engendered existence. In this sense, it is the ‘observation’of the potential. Ar-Rahim observes itself through the forms of existence, by guiding the conscious beings to the awareness that their lives and their essential reality are comprised of and governed by the Names.

Ar-Raqib: The One who watches over and keeps under control the manifestations of His Names,  with His names, at all times.

Ar-Rashid: The guider to the right path. The One who allows individuals, who recognize their essential reality, to experience the maturity of this recognition!

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