The extent to which ‘man’ can decode the metaphors and symbols used in the Quran is the extent to which he can recognize and acknowledge the reality and thus make use of this ‘Golden Age.’ Only then can he truly appreciate the miraculousness of the knowledge contained in the Quran. And only then can he truly understand that Islam is not about submitting to Allah, but about experiencing the bliss of knowing he is by default in a state of submission to the One whose name is Allah.

There is much more to this topic, but it is not possible to address it all here. It will probably take years to comprehend the things I write; I will probably not see the results. But what matters is that, at some point, somebody will confirm what I am saying. In 1985 I wrote the inevitable end of the planet Earth was to be engulfed by the growing Sun. Today, this fact is being taught in schools in the West, yet Muslims around the world are still in denial. So, it is unrealistic for me to expect the majority to understand and accept the things I’m writing today and hence no need to go into any further detail.

The only other note I can make at this stage is, just like in our current experience of life, we feel and live in what seems to be a material/tangible world – even though we know everything is energy and waves of intangible data – our experience of all other dimensions of life after this world will also be the same – at least for the great majority of us… Only the depths of the perception of those, in the words of Sufism, ‘whose veils have been lifted while living in this dimension’ will be different. And that is something none has the liberty to talk about other than the one who experiences it.

Let it be known… This is the generation of the Golden Age. The information contained in the Quran is being scientifically verified and authenticated. Even if it is being done so using different words, terms and expressions!

The Rasul of Allah (saw) is Truth; all his teachings are the universal reality. Everything the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw) says about the mechanism of giving account, which will be activated through death, the hell or heaven-like experiences in the dimension of the grave, the period at the place of gathering (mahshar) and all that is to transpire therein, and the final states of life in the dimensions referred to as either heaven or hell are all authentic Truths. I have explained the hows and whys of all of these in many of my books.

Everything disclosed in the Quran is the Truth! For those who are able to READ it!


Note: If this knowledge has not made you forego and sacrifice your ‘ego/identity,’ wave goodbye to another Eid void of sacrifice. If pilgrimage is made through knowledge and the One is attained intellectually, then the sacrifice of the ego, the illusory self, has not been actualized!

Blessed be your Eid of Hajj, in this Hijri year of 1434.



11 October 2013

Raleigh, NC, USA

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