Al-Latif: The One who is subtly present in the depths of every manifestation. The One whose favors are plentiful.

Al-Maalik’ul-Mulk: The One who governs His Sovereignty as He wishes without having to give account to any individual.

Mahshar: The place of gathering.

Maiyyah: Unity of existence.

Al-Majeed: The One whose majestic glory is evident through His magnificent manifestations!

Al-Majid: The magnificent and glorious One with unrestricted, infinite generosity and     endowment (benevolence).

Mala-i A’la: The Exalted Assembly.

Al-Maleek: The Sovereign One, who manifests His Names as he wishes and governs them in the world of acts as He pleases. The one who has providence over all things.

Al-Mani: The One who prevents those from attaining things they do not deserve!

Manna: The force of power in the names of Allah comprising your essence.

Marifah: Gnosis.

Al-Matin: The One who sustains the world of acts, the steadfast, the creator of robustness and stability, the provider of strength and resistance!

Mawla: Protector.

Michael: The force that guides to and enables the attainment of both physical and spiritual sustenance.

Al-Mu’akhkhir: The One who delays manifestation in consonance with His name al-Hakim.

Al-Mubdi: The One who originates the whole of creation in the corporeal worlds, all with exclusive and unique qualities.

Al-Mudhill: The One who exposes dishonor in some and degrades below others. The One who deprives from honorable qualities and compels to humiliation with the veil of ‘I’ness (ego).

Al-Mughni: The One who enriches individuals and raises them above others in wealth and emancipates them. The One who enriches with His own riches. The One who grants the beauty of infinity (baqa) which results from ‘fakr’ (nothingness).

Al-Muhaymin: The One who maintains and protects the manifestations of His Names with His own system. Al-Muhaymin also designates the One who safeguards and protects (the trust).

Al-Muhsi: The creator of the ‘forms’ (micro to macro) comprising the seeming multiplicities, each equipped with unique qualities and attributes, within UNITY.

Al-Muhyi: The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables the continuation of the individual’s life through the application of knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality.

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