Rasul: One through whom the reality is disclosed - the articulation of Allah’s knowledge.

Al-Ra’uf: The compassionate and pitying One who protects individuals who turn to Him from all kinds of behavior which may cause harm or trouble to them.

Al-Razzaq: The One who provides all necessary nutrition for the survival of any unit of manifestation regardless of its plane of existence.

Rububiyyah: Compositional qualities denoted by the Names comprising existence.

Ruhu’l Azam: The Grand Spirit; the observing One.

As-Salam: A state of emancipation from the conditions.

As-Sabur: The One who waits for each individual to execute his creation program before rendering effective the consequences of their actions. Allowing the tyranny of the tyrant to take place, i.e. activating the Name as-Sabur, is so that both the oppressor and the oppressed can duly carry out their functions before facing the consequences in full effect. Greater calamity forces the creation of increased cruelty.

Samad/Samadiyyah: The Absolutely Self-Sufficient and Whole One.

As-Sami: The One who perceives His manifestations at every instance. The One who enables awareness and comprehension.

Sayr al-Afaqi: The recognition of the universal realities.

Sayr al-Anfusi: The recognition of the individual realities or the path of the inward journey.

Shadid al-Iqab: Severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence.

Ash-Shahid: The One who witnesses His existence through His own existence. The One who observes the disclosure of His Names and witnesses His manifestations!

Ash-Shakur: The One who allows the proper use of His bestowals in order that He may increase them. The One who enables the due evaluation of resources such that more can be attained. This name triggers the name al-Karim.

Shirq: Duality – the state of assuming the separate existence of an ‘other’ besides Allah.

Subhan: One who is beyond being limited or conditioned by any of His manifestations.

Sunnatullah: The mechanics of the system of Allah.

Tanzih: The incomparability of the divine.

Taqwa: Protecting yourself in the way of Allah from the inadequacies of your identity.

Tasbih: Glorify, exalt – to continue one’s existence through Him.

Tashbih: The similarity/comparability of the divine.

At-Tawwab: The One who guides individuals to their essence by enabling them to perceive and comprehend the reality. The One who allows individuals to repent, that is, to abandon their misdoings and to compensate for any harm that may have been caused. The activation of this Name triggers the name Rahim, and thus benevolence and beauty is experienced.

The Divine Reflections:

The Hidden – Reflection of attributes.

The Secret – Reflection of the Names.

The Spirit – Fuad: Reflectors of the Names.

The Heart – Consciousness.

The Self – Identity – Individual consciousness.

Ubudiyyah: Servitude of the ‘self’ or individual consciousness by means of fulfilling its specific function and purpose of creation.

Ulul Albab:The intimates of the reality through whom Allah hears, sees and speaks.

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