Al-Basit: The One who opens and expands; the One who enables dimensional and in-depth sight.

Al-Basir: The One who is constantly observing His manifestations and evaluating their outputs.

Al-Bari: The One who fashions all of creation (from micro to macro) with unique functions and designs yet all in conformity with the whole, like the harmonious functioning of all the different organs in the body!

Al-Barr: The One who eases the actualization of   individual temperaments and natural dispositions.

Al-Batin: The unperceivable reality within the perceivable manifestation! The source of the unknown (Awwal, Akhir, Zahir, Batin, HU!)

Al-Baqi: The Everlasting. The One who exists beyond the concept of time.

Barzakh: The intermediary dimension.

B-izni-hi: (by permission of Allah) The suitability of the Name composition comprising his essence.

Ad-Darr: The One who afflicts individuals with various distressing situations (sickness, suffering, trouble) in order to make them turn to Himself!

D’hul Fadhlul Azim: Possessor of great bounty.

D’hul-Jalali Wal-ikram: The One who makes individuals experience their ‘nothingness’ by enabling them to comprehend the reality that they were created from ‘naught’ and then bestowing them ‘Eternity’ by allowing them to observe the manifestations of the Names comprising their essence.

Dhu’l Quwwati’l Matin:  Possessor of enduring strength.

Arham-ar-rahimeen: The One who manifests the infinite qualities of His Names with His grace.

Fath: Self-conquest.

Al-Fattah:  The One who generates expansion within individuals. The One who enables the recognition and observation of Reality, and hence, that there is no inadequacy, impairment, or mistake in the engendered existence. The One who expands one’s vision and activity, and enables their proper usage. The One who enables the recognition and use of the unrecognized (overseen).

Fuad: Heart - heart neurons. The reflectors of the Names to the brain.

Furqan: The ability and knowledge to differentiate the right from the wrong or the criterion by which the reality may be differentiated from falsity.

Gabriel: The disclosure of the knowledge of Allah.

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