Al-Mu’id: The One who restores life to those who turn back to their essence.

Al-Mu’izz: The Giver of Honor. The One who bestows honor to whom he wishes and holds them in esteem over others.

Al-Mujib: The One who unequivocally responds to all who turn towards Him (in prayer and invocation) and provides their needs.

Al-Mu’min: The One who enables the awareness that He, by respect of His Names, is beyond what is perceived. This awareness reflects upon us as ‘faith’ (iman). All believers, including Rasuls and angels, have their faith rested upon this awareness, which frees the mind from the enslavement of illusion. While illusion can deter the mind, which uses comparison to operate, it becomes powerless and ineffective     in the sight of faith.

Muqarraboon: Those who have attained the state of divine closeness.

Al-Muntaqim: The One who makes individuals live the consequences of their actions that impede in the realization of their essence.

Al-Mumit: The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience)

Al-Mutakabbir: The One to whom the word ‘I’ exclusively belongs. Absolute ‘I’ness belongs only to Him. Whoever, with the word ‘I’, accredits a portion of this Absolute ‘I’ness to himself, thereby concealing the ‘I’ness comprising his essence and fortifying his own relative ‘I’ness, will pay its consequence with ‘burning’ (suffering). Majesty (Absolute ‘I’ness) is His attribute alone.

Al-Musawwir: The fashioner of forms. The One who exhibits ‘meanings’ as ‘forms’ and devises the mechanism in the perceiver to perceive them.

Al-Muqeet: The One who facilitates the expression of the Name al-Hafiz by providing the necessary material and spiritual platform for it.

Al-Muqaddim: The One who expedites (or prioritizes) the manifestation of Names according to their purpose of creation.

Al-Muqsit: The One who applies justice, as the requirement of His Uluhiyya, by endowing every individual their due, based on their unique creation purpose.

Al-Muqtadir: The Determiner. The absolute possessor of all power pertaining to creation, governance, and disposition.

Al-Muta’ali: The limitless, boundless Supreme One, whose supremacy encompasses everything! The One whose reality can never be duly reflected by any engendered, conceptualized existence. The One who is beyond being limited by any mind or intellect.

Muttaqeen: Those who live in line with their essential reality.

An-Nafi: The One who prompts individuals to engage in good thoughts and actions to aid them towards beneficent and auspicious outcomes.

Nafs: Self, individual consciousness.

Nafs-i Ammarah: The Inciting Self.

Nafs-i Lawwama: The Self-Accusing Self.

Nafs-i Mulhima: The Inspired Self.

Nafs-i Mutmainna: The Peaceful Self.

Nafs-i Radhiya: The Pleased Self.

Nafs-i Mardhiya: The Pleasing Self.

Nafs-i Safiya: The Pure Self.

Names: Divine Names – structural and compositional qualities comprising existence.

Nubuwwah: The function of enabling people to read and apply the necessary practices of the system of Allah.

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