Huda: Guidance; enabling the comprehension of one’s essential reality.

Ind’Allah: From Allah; the forces that are revealed through dimensional emergence to consciousness from the Names of Allah that comprise one’s essence.

Insan al-Kamil: The Perfect Man.

Isra: The supersensible and dimensional travel by night.

Al-Jabbar: The One whose will is compelling. The corporeal worlds (engendered existence) are compelled to comply with His demands! There is no room for refusal. This ‘jabr’ (compelling) quality will inevitably express itself and apply its laws through the essence of beings.

Al-Jalil: The One who, with His magnificent comprehensiveness and perfection, is the sultan of the world of acts.

Al-Jami: The One who observes the whole of existence as a multi-dimensional single frame in His Knowledge. The One who gathers creation according to the purpose and function of their creation.

Al-Kabir: The magnitude of the worlds He created with His Names are incomprehensible.

Kashf al-Nurani: Enlightened discovery.

Kashf al-Dhulmani: Purification through suffering.

Al-Karim: The exceedingly generous and bountiful One who bestows His bounties even upon those who deny His existence. The ability to READ (iqra) is only possible through the activation of this Name, which lies dormant within the essence of every individual.

Al-Khafid: The One who abases. The One who capacitates a state of existence which is far from reality. The creator of the ‘asfali safileen’ (the lower state of existence). The former of the vision of ‘multiplicity’ to conceal the reality.

Al-Khaliq: The ONE Absolute Creator! The One who brings individuals into the existence from nothingness, with His Names! Everything al-Khaliq creates has a purpose to fulfill, and according to this unique purpose, possesses a natural predisposition and character. Hence it has been said: “characterize yourselves with the character of Allah” (Tahallaku biakhlakillah) to mean: Live in accordance with the awareness that you are comprised of the structural qualities of the Names of Allah!

Kitab al-Mubin: The Clear Book.

Kursi: Footstool – the actualization and dominance of the reality of the Names.

Ladun: The potential of the Names comprising one’s essence.

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