There are about 5 billion[1] people on earth today. If we were to gather these 5 billion people together, the chances of you finding someone you know among them is one in 5 billion. When you die, you’re going to leave this world and go the realm of the grave and live there for millions of years, and then everyone is going to be gathered during Doomsday. I wonder how many of the people you love and value today will you be able to find at that point…?

When we die and our connection to this body is severed, we will be placed into the grave in a conscious state. We will see and hear everything, all the insects and bugs in the grave, the people outside, but we will not be able to leave the grave. Just like the things we do and think about during the day enters our dream at night, but we have no control over it in the dream state. Based on “the people in the world are asleep, upon death they will awaken” the consequences of everything you live and identify with in the worldly life will become apparent in the realm of the grave.

After some time, as the material-physical world disappears from the person’s perception, the physical aspect of the grave will also disappear and the person will begin to live in the dimension of the spirit. This means the world will totally disappear and the person will commence his life within the platform of the sun. Consequently, he will begin to perceive all the entities and life forms in the sun and other parts of the galaxy. This is why it has been said a window will be opened to the person in the grave through which he will gaze upon hell and heaven. Distance does not apply to the eye of the spirit.

While our physical eye can only see up to 50, 100 or 1,000 meters, the concept of distance is totally invalid for the eye of the spirit – it can perceive a place 150 million km away as if it is only at a distance of a few meters.

According to one scientific view, a body that weighs 70kg on earth will weigh 300,000kg on the sun. Interestingly, there are hadiths in regards to the enormity of the bodies of those who will go to hell.

A person who enters the grave will then begin to perceive the sun and the forms of life therein. If they are to remain in hell eternally, they will see heaven, the life they will miss out on, and the suffering awaiting them in hell, which will cause them suffering in their grave, just like seeing a nightmare.

On the other hand, a person who is to enter paradise will be filled with joy and tranquility, and this will continue until Doomsday.

The spirit of those who have parted from the world are currently within the magnetic field called Von Allen. The realm of the grave (barzah) is the magnetic life inside this belt.

When the sun expands and engulfs and evaporates Mercury, Venus and the earth, the earth will totally disappear. According to my understanding, Doomsday entails the expansion of the sun and its engulfment of the earth, after which the Von Allen belt and the magnetic field of the earth will also cease to exist.

After this, everyone will be gathered within the magnetic field of the sun and everyone will have the opportunity to evaluate their life on earth, what they’ve done, what they’ve failed to do, etc. That is, all symbolic expressions pertaining to ‘the Place of Gathering’ or mahshar will transpire. After this, those who have fulfilled certain requisites will be removed from this state of hell and progress to another dimension of life, commonly referred to as heaven.

[1] This was written in 1990.

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