Let us expand on these a little.

Doubtless, everything we perceive and have an opinion on is merely an interpretation. Various data waves that reach our brain via organs, which in turn are also essentially clusters of data waves, are processed and interpreted by the brain to form an ‘opinion’!

The cluster of data waves/energy, which we call the brain, forms an identity (the ego) based on the information it synthesizes and thus continues its existence in its holographic world eternally.

Man (individual forms of consciousness) is the totality of all this data and continues his life with what manifests through him from his origin – the potential and knowledge of the eternal limitless One – like all other individuals. Though there is only the One, different perceptions yield the notion there are many.

Consciousness (man) is immortal, because his origin is immortal! Man is knowledge (the composition of the Names of Allah/Spirit)! The body/animal, on the other hand, is depleted and recycled!

So, consciousness in the form of ‘man’ will part from his vehicle of perception, the body, through death (the tasting of life without a body) and continue his existence in a dimension with a different perception.

Consciousness (in the form of man) is a spirit comprised of the Spirit (the qualities of the Names) of Allah. The body, on the other hand, is its vehicle, formed according to the conditions of the worldly life or the tool/organs to perceive the dimension in which it resides.

Thus far we have addressed the micro aspect. As for the macro aspect...

What certain less developed communities do not realize is that we live in a universe made of billions of galaxies, that is, billions that we have discovered so far! All of our knowledge constitutes only 4% of the universal energy… The remaining 96%, according to today’s science, is still ‘dark’!

Furthermore, if we can realize that time and space are relative concepts based on the ‘perceiver’ and the ‘perceived’ and that, in respect of the reality of existence, they mean nothing, we will see that all of our philosophical and religious debates become invalidated and meaningless! It is evident that, in light of scientific authenticity, there is no director-god above or beyond who out of his mercy sent His son to save humanity! In a sense, the sun has risen from the west; scientific discoveries are leading humanity towards the reality of “illaAllah” (there is only Allah)!

This is why I say we have entered the Golden Age in the last 34 years – since the beginning of the Hijri century.

The reason I say the Golden Age is because…

The truth asserted by the Quran, that, “There is no god or godhood, only Allah – La ilaha illaAllah”[1] has become undeniably evident through modern science. A material world/universe has become completely obsolete and the reality that “only Allah exists” has been revealed – even though the majority of the population may not yet be aware of it, thinking they live in a material world of flesh-bone and earth.

Many of the metaphors used in the Quran, or by Muhammad (saw), Moses (s) and Jesus (s), have now been decoded and the mechanisms to which they point have been deciphered. For example, the word ‘heaven’ (sama) denotes both space and the depths of one’s existence. The word ‘disclosure’ (nuzul/inzal) means a revealment or an exposal from one’s origin Self (Rububiyyah) to his field of awareness.

[1] See Muhammad’s Allah by Ahmed Hulusi for more details.

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