But what if one who is aware of the Oneness of existence fails to accept the teachings of Muhammad (saw) and the Quran? What will they lose? We must delve further into this matter for many people are misled here, thinking the knowledge of Oneness is sufficient.

In the guise of an offering, the Quran is actually a confirmation. Understanding Oneness is a tool for man, not the final objective!

Becoming cognizant of Oneness should yield the following:

  1. The person realizes there is no god above or beyond and he is in servitude to the One alone.
  2. He recognizes the absolute system and order (Islam) of this Oneness (Allah), and understands that, whatever becomes manifest from him in a previous state, defines what will manifest from him in a later state.
  3. Thus, he tries his best to do whatever he can to use the qualities of the Names of Allah in his essence and form his world accordingly.

If, through the realization of Oneness, one is not able to view the ‘many from the One,’ then Oneness has not yet been fully grasped and experienced, it is only an intellectual understanding, not one that is felt and lived. To view the ‘One from the many’ will never allow all the answers to be perceived.

The Sufi masters, from Rumi, to Naqshibandi, al-Ghazali, Jilani, Yunus and Bektashi, never contented themselves with the recognition of Oneness, but rather lived every moment of their lives by this reality. Thus, they were free from the things that caused them suffering and reached a state of eternal bliss.

Therefore, recognizing and experiencing the One is the only way out, and the clearest path that leads to this door is to abandon the world of symbols and metaphors, and to make use of our current world of science. Scientific discoveries are the greatest provision that the One denoted by ‘Allah’ manifests through the one denoted by ‘man.’ This provision that has been bestowed upon the conscious ones is the nourishment of the brains forming the ‘Golden Age.’

Science has attained some very important findings:

  1. Data that reaches the brain as waves is processed by the brain and each individual experiences its result in his own holographic world[1].
  2. Matter’ has only a RELATIVE existence, based on the perceiver. All perceivers are actually interacting with the data that enters their perception (depending on their capacity) from among the waves of data comprising the universe. It is impossible to perceive the universe in the absolute sense.
  3. The essence of ‘matter’ has been questioned and it has been found it does not have a separate existence; the universe in its totality is a SINGLE field of energy (the manifestation of power) and an endless ocean of data waves in which everything is a hologram.

[1] See The Observing One by Ahmed Hulusi, chapter 2, The Holographic Universe Of Your Mind for more details.

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