Nevertheless, our knowledge is only as much as Allah allows us to know; as much as the One discloses His knowledge through us – just like the hand can only move with the command and will of the brain.

The Quran accentuates two primary truths:

  1. There is only the One denoted by the name Allah; nothing exists other than Him!
  2. Man has been created to manifest the qualities comprising his brain (Rabb). To reiterate, one’s Rabb is the composition of the Names of Allah comprising his being, not a god up in the heavens. If your Rabb wills it, you may find and get to know Him within yourself!

Using different words, theoretical physics and medicine also affirm the same truths:

The universe, as we know it, is an entire field of data waves. All formations in the universe and everything we perceive from our environment become manifest through the decoding of data waves by what we call the ‘brain’. No perceptual or conceptual limitation, including time and space can be applied to this infinite ONEness. The brain/individual consciousness lives in its own world formed according to the knowledge/capacity with which it has been endowed, based on how much the perception organs can perceive. Multiple universes exist only according to the perceivers. In reality there is only the ONE!

The absolute reality (the absolute essence of the One referenced as Allah) can never be known!

The data waves constituting the essence of the multiple universes are actually the non-dual potential designating the totality of Allah’s Names, as mentioned in the Quran. All things transpire (or have transpired) in this dimension – the knowledge of Allah.

Man’ is essentially a bodiless/formless consciousness composed of divine qualities to observe and/or direct the data that enters his perception according to his data make up. Once again, under the guise of ‘man’ is the composition of Allah’s Names referred to as ‘Rabb’.

If we can grasp and comprehend this ONEness and non-duality, we will see that…

While the One referenced as ‘Allah’ in the Quran creates the multiple universes in His knowledge with His knowledge and lives (al-Hayy) this observation in a single instance (now), He is at the same time beyond everything that appears in His observation in terms of His Absolute Essence (dhat)!

While He is everything – all of the divine qualities that have become manifest as the multiple universes (Zahir) – He reforms and re-manifests Himself anew at every instance. However, He is far beyond being limited by His manifestations (Batin).

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