If we stop observing things from an external view and try to see things in terms of self-development we will understand that prayer and dhikr are means to increase the capacity of the brain and achieve personal development. And since these are automatically uploaded to the spirit via the brain, the spirit-body will effectively be highly capacitated.

In line with this, other practices such as salat, fasting, hajj, etc., also serve the same purpose – to efficiently prepare and equip us for our life to come.

The choice is ours. We can either make use of these tools to build our spirit-bodies and secure our future lives or neglect them at our own expense. We can either understand the reality ‘Allah’ actually references and shape our lives accordingly, or think of Him as a deity-god out there, who ‘does not need our worship’, and thus face the bitter consequences at the end.

I have attempted to share the Truths of life with you. I don’t know whether it will be of benefit or not, but whether you agree with me or you don’t, I urge you to do your own research and validate everything for yourself.

Don’t gamble with your life – your eternal life.

Remember, we are only here for a few seconds! The clock is ticking… Make the best of your remaining time. There is no return to this world, according to the Quran! Muhammad (saw) tells us it is not possible for anyone to come back and have a second chance at worldly life. We will not be able to come back and do the things we fail to do now or compensate for our mistakes. None of our current values are going to be applicable in the next dimension of life. So please, be realistic, and live your life in a way that will not cause regret at the end.

May Allah enable us all to live lives that we won’t later regret, and allow and simplify for us all an accurate evaluation of the Truths of life!

Stay well, my friends.



Antalya, Turkey

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