If you go to work and say, “Today I aim to make ten thousand dollars,” but you only make two, do you refuse the two because you didn’t reach your goal? Of course not! Whatever you make is a profit! The same goes for the life of the world; whether you’re a male or a female, young or old, the past is past and we do not have time to wail over the past! A long unknown path lies ahead of us, we must look to make the best of this journey, whatever we can do will be for our benefit. A little profit is better than loss. This is the principle of religious practices, for we are not going to have the opportunity to come back to fix or do more.

Consider this: What we eat is converted into energy for our body, which forms the bioelectrical energy in microvolts needed by brain cells. The brain then generates a specific wave of energy with this power. This wave forms the spirit-body and our brain capacity – knowledge, comprehension and what we call ‘spirit strength’, our spiritual potential, is uploaded to our spirit-body by the brain. The point at which the brain stops functioning, we continue our lives within the platform of the sun with the consciousness formed by all the data that has been uploaded to our spirit-body throughout our lives. This phase, bound to the magnetic field of the earth, will last until Doomsday and it has been referred to as the realm of the grave or barzah. One who makes this transition can never return to the world or have the chance to upload new data with a new brain ever again! This is why it is imperative for us to adequately prepare for our future life while we have the chance.

Now, I want to touch on a very simple topic. We make ablution before we pray. If we were to inquire into its necessity, we will most probably be told it is for cleansing and purification. Whereas, there were times when the Rasul of Allah (saw) made ablution with a glass of water. Today, in most Middle Eastern countries in hot climates ablution is made with a small cup of water. Especially if we take into consideration tayammum – rubbing dirt on our face in the absence of water – it becomes evident that ablution is not about cleansing! Not in the general sense, anyway. Then, why take ablution? What is it about? Just as the body absorbs air through osmosis, it also absorbs water. That is, when water makes contact with our skin, energy through water molecules is transmitted to the nervous system via osmosis. As for tayammum, static energy that exerts pressure and stress on the brain is neutralized through soil. As such, all practices of worship are based on scientific, physical and chemical laws of the system in which we are living.

The Absolute Existence referenced as ‘Allah’ in the Quran, the creator of the universe, has created everything with the qualities of His Names. That is, all the qualities and attributes with which we have been endowed derive from those divine qualities. Man has been declared the vicegerent of earth because he contains within his essence all of the 99 Names of Allah.

“And when your Rabb said to the angels (personifications of the qualities of the Names comprising one’s body, hence the addressee here is you), ‘I will make upon the earth (the body) a vicegerent (conscious beings who will live with the awareness of the Names)’…”[1]

“... We have made you a vicegerent on earth! ...”[2]

Note that the verses in regards to man’s vicegerency are in reference to humans in general without denoting a gender

[1] Quran 2:30

[2] Quran 38:26

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