The rest will remain in the magnetic field of the sun. That the sun is hell is my own construal. But the fact the sun is growing and is to reach a point of engulfing the earth is based completely on scientific data.

This being the case, what should we do?

Since we are simultaneously forming our spirit-body during our life on earth through our brain, we must optimize the use of our brain – use its potential to the extent that we can. For example, they say people only use about 5% to 7% of their brain capacity while the rest is in an inert state. This leads us to the introduction of another important topic: dhikr – the repetition of certain words, prayers and Names of Allah.

Why do we engage in dhikr? What are its effects?

Dhikr is the most important thing a person can do! As stated above, dhikr is not to invoke a god out there, for the very qualities of Allah are the qualities with which we have been formed and created. The qualities such as Rahman, Rahim, Mureed, Quddus and Fattah are all present within us! How so? Obviously not as words or shapes… Every meaning is stored as a vibration of a specific frequency in the brain. Brain cells are in a constant state of electrical vibration. Every thought stimulates a vibration and an electrical influx among specific clusters of cells in the brain.

In 1986 I wrote about how dhikr, the repetition of specific words, stimulates a specific electrical reaction in the brain, activating the inert cells through transmitters and programming them to the frequency of the repeated word, thus activating the inactive areas of the brain and expanding its capacity.

Seven years after I wrote this, Scientific American[1] made its first report in regards to this topic, claiming certain cells in the brain are activated via the repetition of specific words leading to an increase of brain capacity.

What I’m trying to say in short is, you can expand the capacity of your brain, through the practice of dhikr, in line with the meaning of the Name you repeat. So, for example, the name Mureed is the third of the Seven Essential Attributes of Allah and it is in reference to Divine Will. If you repeat this name a few thousand times every day, you will witness an observable difference in the strength of your willpower within a few weeks or months. Alongside Mureed, if you also repeat Quddus, you will see a cleansing taking place in your life – a purification from certain addictions, the realization that you are more than your body; an eternal being made to live an infinite life after death, and so on…

Every name has a different effect and increases specific capacities within the brain. The greater a specific capacity in your brain, the more the meaning of that particular Name will become manifest in your life, and based on this, the more you will get to know Allah in line with that meaning. That is to say, the more you realize these qualities within your self, the more you will get to know Allah.

[1] John Horgan, “Fractured Functions,” Scientific American, December 1993, Volume 269, No 6.

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