This verse is a clear proof that the system of Allah is applicable to the whole of humanity. It has been set up and working for billions of years! In this case, the individual has two options: either to order his life according to the system; live his worldly life by making use of certain practices to enable benefits in his future. Or, to not think about the future or the system at all, to live a life driven by bodily activities.

Those who fail to recognize the reality of religion, or the system that enables preparation for life after death, misconceive religion as a system through which the masses are managed and kept under control. This, of course, goes as far as involving governmental regimes into the topic! Whereas, I repeat, religious prayers and practices are solely related to the requirements of the afterlife, not the regimes of worldly life.

As a matter of fact, Muhammad (saw) spent his entire life in pursuit of communicating the following messages:

  1. a.         Allah is not a deity-God; to worship Allah (by deifying, offering, etc.) is absolutely impossible because it does not exist!
  2. b.        All activities carried out by the individual are the compulsory requirements of his servitude and not forms of worshipping a deity-God.
  3. c.         Prayer should not be directed to a heavenly (external) God in hopes of ingratiating one’s self with Him, but to prepare for a favorable future of eternity.
  4. d.        The individual should die before dying in order to be cleansed from his constructed illusory self and to know his essence, origin, creator, Allah.

Otherwise, it is inevitable for the person to die veiled from reality, a state from which he will never have the chance to escape.

Indeed, let us know and understand with certainty that the teachings disclosed by Muhammad (saw) in the name of religion, are way beyond the stories and superstitious tales passed on from generation to generation among the general public.

Future generations will have a much clearer understanding of ALLAH and what it signifies.

In fact you will realize the validity of these truths once you take the time to conduct some personal research into related scientific resources and reflect on your findings.

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