This is what the name Allah refers to! Allah is what comprises all of these points and who creates infinite worlds from every single point, which is referenced by the word ‘Akbar’.

This is why the Quran says “Allah is Ghani from the worlds” (Allah is beyond being labeled and limited by the manifestations and concepts of the corporeal worlds). 

The multiverses are almost like an infinite sequence of cones within cones, and all of them derive their existence from a single point. This point is referred to as the attribute of divine knowledge, the manifestation of consciousness. The First Intellect is the conscious projection of the attribute of knowledge from the point.

Based on the holographic reality all cone-like projections and thus their derivatives, forms of relative consciousness, all derive their existence from the point within their own depth. The term, “Allah is the Rabb of the worlds” refers to this fact…

So based on all of this:

The Rasul of Allah, the magnificent consciousness, has taught us about the System and Order in which we’re living, called the Sunnatullah, by reading the knowledge of the Gabrielic force emanating from the “point” within his essence to his consciousness, based on the command ‘READ’! He taught us:

There is no god, the concept of godhood is invalid, only the One denoted by the name Allah exists, and Allah is not a deity or an entity outside us somewhere, our servitude is to the Rabb within our essence (the One who creates and recreates us at every instance).

Whatever form of servitude has come forth from a person during his worldly life (thoughts and actions) he will live the consequences of this in the afterlife (any point after he carries out this action). 

The realm of the grave is real. One who makes the transition to this realm will question the authenticity of this dimension based on the things he lived on earth with the angelic forces within himself… The angels of account are not going to come from outside, they are present within the person and they are going to become manifest.

The suffering or the paradisiacal state in the grave are real. Their experience is automatic and inescapable. 

Doomsday is going to take place. The earth is going to evaporate and disappear. All of the spirits of all humans are going to gather in one place, as conscious beings. There, people are going to gather together according to what their faith was in the world and they’re going to follow the person in whom they had faith.

Hell is a place where everyone is going to pass. Those who come out of the Place of Gathering are going to pass the place called hell, this road is called the “sirat”, those who can come out are going to continue their lives in another dimension called heaven, forever. 

This is a process, everyone is going to experience it, according to the Rasul of Allah (saw)…

All practices recommended under the category of prayer in this world are all to prevent the person from suffering in the life after death, for the persons own best interest, it has nothing to do with pleasing a god in space. 

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