Another type of belief currently spreading in America, though not yet known in Turkey, which is said to have more than 100 million followers around the world, is the teachings of Falun Dafa, of Chinese origin again. According to Falun Dafa, whose teaching seems to have roots in Taoism but manifests itself in the likes of Buddhist teachings; consciousness and matter are the same thing. Thoughts affect matter and matter affects thoughts at every given instance. The primary spirit continuously manifests its own qualities through the brain by constantly triggering it. The human brain creates a kind of substance that is not in a waveform. Every living being on earth is created from water. Water is the primary source of life. The founder of this belief, Shifu Li Hongzhi, further claims that the entire universe is made of water. Although it is said to be a type of movement that has no specific links to any political agenda, it is currently the source of great controversy in China against the government. Therefore, its followers are under close surveillance and when they are captured, they are tortured to death. As far as I can tell, the root of this activity is based on the control of information by the unseen forces of the world.

As opposed to the apparent tribalistic and formalistic approach, Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, which constitutes the intellectual profundity of the understanding of religion taught by Moses, has also spread the idea of oneness and unity of existence, asserting that the spirit of man originates from a single spirit. 

Kabbalah constitutes the intellectual depth of the understanding of religion introduced by Moses, asserting that the entire existence is singular and the spirit of people actually come from a single Spirit.

In point of fact, Jesus was the expression and confirmation of this understanding of Oneness and thus the rejection of the idea of an external god. The definition of “My father the Rabb” did not in fact refer to a physical god-son relationship; it was rather pointing to the notion of the single Spirit taught in Kabbalah, manifesting itself as many. Turning toward the sky symbolized turning to the depths of consciousness and experiencing the creative power in one’s essence. Jesus’ statement that “you think like a man not like the Creator, the Rabb” simply meant “evaluate events in the light of the universal realities rather than humanly judgments and social conditionings”. The idea of the Jews being “the chosen ones” did not actually refer to all Israelites but to those whose comprehension was advanced enough to accept and practice the Kabbalistic teachings (the development of this notion has later formed the basis of Masonry).

Despite the belief systems we have discussed so far have certain correct aspects, their biggest deficiency and insufficiency is the lack of information they provide regarding life after death and the practices needed to be performed in this world. None of them give any information about the structure and mechanism of man, the function of the brain and how one should use his brain for optimal performance and what needs to be done for his future life in accordance with the conditions of the afterlife. Nobody has been able to suggest anything on issues concerning the stages of eternal life after death. Needless to say, this is the most important topic concerning man, that is, to be fully aware of what needs to be done in this world so that he may be happy in the eternal life after death.

While the final Nabi explains doomsday as the event of the Sun expanding and engulfing the Earth, the Quran talks about a galactic doomsday in the form of falling stars, some 1400 years ago! Today we know that all the billions of stars in the Milky Way are going to be knocked out of their orbits after a collusion with the Andromeda galaxy, and this event, from the earth, is going to look like falling stars. 

As a matter of fact, the most fundamental issue that needs to be grasped is: Man will indefinitely and forever live on through various transformations (deaths). What he needs for this indefinite journey can only be attained in this world, and in this world alone. The truth is, the only valid information regarding this has been provided by Islam, which is the only religion in the sight of Allah, and the final Nabi Muhammad (saw). 


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