Anyway, the definite fact is, in order to reach the reality referenced by the metaphors, the brain must be open to receiving new and different information. You can’t reach there by repeating the old. If you keep trying to understand a word that you don’t know with words that you do know it will be very difficult.

A new word is needed for a new understanding in the brain. Thereby the old data in the brain can be updated with the new data resulting in a new understanding. 

Otherwise because of the way the brain works the initial meaning and image that is assigned to a word or a name is always the first meaning that was linked to it in the brain.

For example, when you hear the word “point” you automatically think of a single point, a dot (“.”) as this was what you were taught as a child. No matter how much I try to explain something of profound depth using the symbol “point” in Sufism, the great majority will inevitably and immediately think of a ‘.’ dot.

Expand this to all the other symbols and metaphors that are used in religious literature. 

This is why I have been using the phrase “the One whose name is Allah” or “the One denoted by the name Allah”, hoping to channel the brains beyond the ordinary and the “conditioned” values.

The ONE who is referenced by the name Allah is beyond the conception capacity of any creation!

He is the One who has disclosed the Reality of Muhammad with His Names inside one DATA amongst an infinite array of DATA in His Knowledge, and with him, observed the manifestations of His Names.

The Names denote various qualities and attributes pertaining to Allah. These qualities are no separate things but all of them belong to the same ONE, acting as the source for different functions to manifest.

When we talk about the Dimension or the Domain of the Names we are referring to the ONENESS encompassing infinite qualities. Names such as as-Samad, al-Wahid all point to this ONE.

I also used the word DATA (pure unprocessed information) when trying to underline the fact that the ONE is beyond being limited by His infinite manifestations. Many scientists use the word data to reference the information forming the core kernel of the universe, though it might sound odd to the majority.

Re-wording is an effective solution to reducing misunderstandings. For when we say “Allah” or talk about His Names almost everyone thinks of a “god”; a separate being with almighty powers. This method helps to go beyond the conditioning of the mind and open the space for new information, and upgrade religious concepts in light of scientific findings.

It’s unfortunate that many in the past have assumed the Domain of the Names to be the Absolute Essence (dhat) of Allah. Additionally, they have assumed that because they derive their existence from the dimension of the names based on the principle of Rububiyyah, their ‘individual self’ is ‘Allah’, in fact, that everything is Allah!

Alas! All such assumptions are the product of a deity-based understanding.

In reality, Allah is Allah. Everything in the multidimensional multiverses, everything that is known and unknown, comes into existence in the moment and then disappears into non-existence in the next moment. All are mere figures that transpire in a single reflection!

The Quran invites us to “turn your gaze and have a look! Then turn your gaze again and have a look!”[1]If you can’t turn your gaze to the infinite space, at least turn it to your TV or computer screen and watch the grandeur of the infinite galaxies and try to feel the awe of space!

[1]Quran 67:3-4

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