Many of them passed on having fulfilled their servitude in veiled states, perhaps states to which they will indefinitely be prisoned, while many still are waiting their turn…

My friends…

Forget the gossips regarding who said what and form your own ideas and views, make your own discoveries. You can’t get anywhere with other people’s opinions, you must build your own. If you don’t have a new original observation then your servitude doesn’t go beyond imitation.

There are no repetitions in the Sunnatullah!

Every wali has an unveiling and a discovery that is unique to them. So try and also attain an observation that is unique to you. You’re not going to give account for others’ deeds, you are going to live the direct consequences of your own actions. Everything you own in this world you’re going to leave in this world. None of it is going to have any significance or any meaning in the next realm.

Nothing except knowledge!

If your knowledge and conscience is at peace in regards to having done all you can in this path then there’s nothing to worry about. Otherwise take precaution my friend.

May Allah enable us the understanding that just as we go to sleep on our own every night we are also living alone in our world and were going to move on to another dimension of life where were going give account for and experience the results of our life here.


29 March 2007

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