Upon death, after the brain ‘shuts down’ and ceases to function in its ‘flesh’ form, a ‘system reboot’ will occur and our life will continue to run with the back-up of our astral (wave) brain. Thus, we see the importance of backing it up with solid and functional knowledge!

Everything, described in the Quran and by Muhammad (saw), is reality and will be lived! The important thing is to decipher the meaning of these verses correctly, without misconstruing them or taking them literally. For instance, Muhammad (saw) says that man will be resurrected (recreated) from his coccyx (tailbone) in the afterlife. To construe this as a physical resurrection of the body made of flesh and bone is nothing but ignorance. Clearly, this is a metaphor to suggest that a ‘form of life’ will continue after death. Or for example, he says “the sun will come within a mile of the earth”. This corresponds with today’s scientific understanding that eventually the sun will engulf the earth, and the earth will be vaporized.

Muslims have even misunderstood the verse regarding the ‘spirit’. When Jewish scholars enquired about the spirit to Muhammad (saw), a verse was revealed in answer to their query, telling them “Little has been disclosed to you about the spirit”. This verse is addressing the Jewish scholars, telling them that ‘little or no knowledge’, regarding the spirit, was given to the Jews. Indeed, there is a significant amount of information regarding the spirit in Islam, whereby Ghazali states,

“One, devoid of the knowledge of the spirit, cannot reach enlightenment.”

Our spirit is our very existence! It is our world. Muhammad (saw) says:

“Your spirit is your body and your body is your spirit.”

We are what we perceive!


We also contain within us the potential of vicegerency (caliphate), to which we have become ignorant! We have become unaware of this gateway that opens to the dimension of our cosmic electromagnetic expansion!

If we shape and fill our world with the wealth that awaits us behind the gate of vicegerency (the properties of the dimension of Names!), then our worlds will transform into paradise and eventually we will unite with Allah. The following verse refers to the purification of one’s world, i.e. one’s perception!

“The purified and the refined have attained true success” (Quran 87:14)

We weave our cocoon world, not only with the genetic information we inherit but also with all the conditionings that we receive throughout our life. Our database is ‘based’ completely on these preconditioned values, channeling and shaping our lives, for better or for worse!

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