The One who created the ‘I’ and who claims ‘I am’ through every manifested ‘I’, yet who at the same time is far beyond any perceiver or perceived!

The One who cannot be contained within any form or perception. With regard to this reality, we can only say: Allahu Akbar[1] (Allah is Great).

In the light of all this, let’s now continue the topic on our universe and the brain...

It is crucial for us to comprehend that our brain creates the multi-dimensional holographic world in which we live. But how can we think we exist in an exterior world if, in fact, we’re living in the cocoon of our imagination?

In the first place, what is this dream, within a dream, within a ‘dream-like’ holographic world and how is it built and structured?

And how does this interior world interact, if at all, with the exterior world?

Each of us plays the role of the ‘king’ or the ‘queen’ in our own universe; everyone else is either a figurant or an actor in our play! The roles, we assign to the people in our lives, depend on our ‘perception’ of who they are, based on our pre-existing database of values. And so we laugh and we cry, we grieve and we rejoice with these imagined figures that we admit into our imagined world!

As we stated above, the brain is a wave converter... It receives the infinite waves of spirit (meaning) via the five senses and other channels, evaluates and interprets it according to its database, then makes a judgment about it and projects his judgment to his imagination! Just like how a TV converts the waves it receives into the images we see on its screen. Hence, from a very young age, we continually construct and reconstruct the multi-dimensional universe in our brain, thinking all the while that we live in an outside world.

It is scientifically evident that what we think we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel, are actually various frequencies of waves that reach our brain and get converted into the specific wavelengths that we define as ‘sight’ or ‘smell’ etc, hence forming the multi-dimensional holographic dimension in which the consciousness resides!

In short, each of us live in our own uniquely imagined world and will continue to do so indefinitely!

What we perceive and output as ‘sight’, based on the data we receive from people or objects around us, are no more than an ‘instance’ of their existence. Similar to frames of images in a film, our assumed sight is actually based on the data we receive and convert according to our database, of one still frame!

Arranging these still images of various instances side by side, we compile albums and albums of photographs and spend our lives flipping through these images!

Upon death, the brain will no longer receive incoming data, as it will be ‘plugged out’ and disconnected from this dimension of waves. As we move on to our next plane of existence of Afterlife, these albums we’ve compiled during our earthly lifetime will be the only provision we can take with us on our journey. Eventually, we will commence a new life on a new dimension, and repeat the same process of data conversion using the signals received from the life forms of this dimension as input and our existing albums as database!

[1] Please refer to the article named “Akbariyah” for more information.

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