In short, our lives are based solely on externality. We are never truly aware that our lives are spent within a cocoon that we weave ourselves, and not in an outside world!

Although we experience a sample of our cocoon-like existence each night when we go to sleep, we don’t recognize or conceive it! In the state of sleeping, we are all alone, neither our partner, who may be lying right next to us, nor our children, in the next room, nor anyone else are with us!

When we experience death and move on to a non-material state of existence, all instantaneous impressions are left behind, including people and objects. We travel on alone in our journey, taking only our conditionings and perceptions with us.

In the past, prophets, saints and enlightened people have used symbolic and metaphoric language –due to the lack of scientific knowledge- to share the universal truths with people and to wake them up to the reality of their cocoon-like world.

The goal is to cleanse our minds from predetermined judgments, based on data waves of instances, and to renovate our holographic worlds with substantial material, in such a way that it becomes transformed from a slum house, or a hoard house, to a palace befitting a sultan.

A sultan is one who lives in correspondence with the Names of Allah, a vicegerent!

One, who can break out of his cocoon, will be emancipated and promoted to the dimension of cosmic electromagnetic expansion as a friend of Allah (waliyy), where his world will be ‘paradise-like’.



Muhammad (saw) says:

“In paradise, each person will possess a whole world of their own, the smallest of these will be 10 times bigger than earth, and they will be told: ‘Wish what you may, for all your wishes will be granted!’”

In other words, each person will be the sultan of his or her own world.

As for those who have chosen to live in slums, i.e. those who did not develop their brains but chose to fill it with garbage instead will forever suffer its consequence!

Either use your brain and research and evaluate the truth scientifically or surrender to the path drawn out for you by Muhammad (saw) – for there is no other salvation.

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