Given the fact that the universal truths have been delivered to us, time and time again, through the use of symbols and metaphors, we too can analyze the topic further by way of an analogy:

Let’s assume that a present day modern man, a man that spends his day browsing the internet, communicating globally using internet telephony, aware of all that transpires across the globe in minutes through real-time news flow, was beamed back, 1,000 years in time, to a civilization that does not even have the use or knowledge of electricity. How would such a man explain the tools of our everyday life to those around him? How close to the truth would their perception be? How could they even begin to understand the actual reality of what is being described to them?

As such, many enlightened individuals, in the past, have tried to communicate the universal truths to us through the use of symbols, metaphors and examples of their time, to awaken us to the realities that, even now, we haven’t completely deciphered today!

Some are able to interpret and grasp the true meaning and essence of these messages, and some, devoid of the capacity to comprehend such knowledge, take these examples literally and fail to understand them.

In that case, the first thing, that we must do, is to abandon the nonsense that religion and science are two separate things and reestablish the religious truths, using the language of science!

The system, that science attempts to decipher today, is none other than the system ‘READ’ by religious individuals in the past, and relayed through various metaphors and analogies. The reality, as described by Muhammad (saw), the Quran and all enlightened souls, is actually the very field of knowledge that science is trying to attain today. Precisely for this reason, in fact, religious metaphor should serve as a catalyst in scientific exploration, rather than bringing mythological stories to mind!

If, on the other hand, we devaluate the absolute and universal truth, offered through religion by the postulations of apparent scientific developments void of the essence of religious teachings, we will forever suffer the consequences.

So long as we fail to transform our understanding of religion, based on a God ‘up in heaven somewhere’, into the infinite, universal and absolute truth of Allah, we will inevitably live the tragic disappointment of realizing the illusory nature of our assumed reality, as it crumbles away before us!

The only path, to the absolute truth, is to comprehend the reality of ‘Allah’ as described by Muhammad (saw), for he neither spoke of a God ‘up there’ nor did he suggest we look for Him anywhere outside of ourselves! Muhammad (saw) is not the courier or the messenger of a God out there! These are outdated and primitive notions! He is Rasulullah; the locus of Allah’s knowledge!

If you want to explore the teachings of RELIGION, you must do so by looking within the depths of your ‘self’, your brain, the essence of your existence, and not by gazing up into space or observing the sky.

The Quantum Potential... Known in Sufism as ‘The Dimension of Names’, is the infinite potential from which infinite manifestations are birthed. Far from the ‘conceptual’ world, it is the state in which all concepts, such as time, place, form, and any kind of restriction or limit, are rendered completely obsolete!

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