The innumerous features and compositional qualities, within this infinite potential, are the designations of the various Names of Allah. There are no localized manifestations of Names here, only their potential! This is the state referred in Sufism as the ‘Observer who observes His knowledge with His knowledge in His knowledge’ for Allah is Aleem (The One who, with the quality of His knowledge, infinitely knows everything in every dimension with all its facets) and this is the dimension of His Infinite Knowledge! One meaning of the verse Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim i.e. “Hamd (observing and evaluating His universal perfection) belongs to the Rabb of the worlds (the source of the infinite meanings of the Names) the Rahman and Rahim” in the opening chapter of the Quran ‘al-Fatiha’ is this reality. What the Sufis call the Unity of Witness (Wahdat al-Shuhud) is also in reference to this dimension.

One cannot speak of the expression, manifestation, or the materialization of this dimension!

The dimension of Cosmic Electromagnetic expression has been created within, and by, the knowledge of the quantum potential… It is the second imaginary world, and the derivation of all the other dimensions. Its essence is made of the light of illusion. It is an ocean of wave. All that can be, or cannot be, perceived are present as wavelengths in this dimension. The different brain types of different species are the compositional converters of this vast field of waves. The verse, Maliki yawmiddiyn (Sovereign of the Day of Recompense) in the opening chapter (al-Fatiha) of the Quran, is in reference to this truth. The Unity of Existence (Wahdat al-Wujud) of Sufism, pertains to this level of reality.

The brains… The wave-converters of existence! Every individual creates his own holographic world via this converter, and every individual resides within his own holographic world, all the while thinking he is living in an exterior physical dimension. It is this formation that is expounded as of the verse Iyyaka na’budu ve iyyaka nastaiyn(You alone we serve, and from You alone we seek help)from the chapter al-Fatiha.

The Spirit... The totality and the point of all ‘meaning’. It is the core, the essence, and the ‘spirit’ of each existence. It also refers to ‘life’, as each monad of existence is alive, where its life is its knowledge. Indeed, life and knowledge are inseparable attributes! The degree, to which knowledge manifests, is a reflection of the level of consciousness. The ‘meaning’ and value, of any animate being, is reflected through its spirit. Based on this understanding, we may refer to it as the expression of the cosmic electromagnetic dimension, known in Sufism as the Grand Spirit (Ruh-ul Azam), the First Intellect (Aql-i Awwal) and The Reality of Muhammad (Haqiqat-i Muhammadiyyah). Let’s keep in mind that these terms do not refer to an object or a person, but to a particular archetypal reality.

Allah… The quantum potential is like a ‘point’ in respect to the One denoted by the name of Allah. One point amongst an infinite amount of others! One point of reflection from within His Absolute Knowledge… The disposition of one world, of one Name, from amidst boundless ‘worlds of Names’.

The One who knows His Names with, and through, His Absolute Essence, and ‘observes’ His Power on His Names! The One who self-discloses and observes His reality, by manifesting His unique attributes through His creation.

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