The brain renders the most powerful instances as primary data and creates a kind of ‘cache’ memory for quick future access. This is similar to how our computers recall a previously visited page from its cache memory. As such, every time we encounter a previously ‘interpreted’ thing, whether it be a person, an object or a situation, our brains automatically bring up the most prevalent ‘memory’ of that thing. Immediately, we begin interpreting and ‘judging’ and even experiencing certain emotions, all based on some information we stored in the past! This form of preconditioned evaluation is the biggest form of obstruction in one’s development.

Muhammad (saw) has cautioned us in this regard with his words:

“If you haven’t seen someone for a year, know that the person you see today is not the person you saw a year ago!”

It is for this reason that we must continuously clear our predetermined conditionings - delete our ‘cache memory’- so that we can re-evaluate every situation, according to the current input of data.

The brain, although appearing to be a big chunk of flesh with its neuron-based infrastructure, is actually a mass of frequency that our current level of scientific knowledge cannot yet completely comprehend or decipher. In this respect, we refer to this intricate network of wave as ‘THE SPIRIT’ and its essence as ‘Light’ (Nur). Nur is knowledge, it is ‘data’. It is like an endless packet of ‘meaning’ and it is immortal. This is why it is said that “we shall taste death”, and not ‘cease to exist’!

Let’s remember that the person, across from us, is also living in his/her own cocoon world, or in other words, their individual multi-dimensional holographic universe. When our brain converts the data waves of instances relating to his physical existence, he takes his place in our holographic world and we think such and such person ‘exists’! But the fact is, we ‘define’ his existence, his character, his role and even his effect in our lives!

This is why the great Sufi masters referred to this life as a ‘dream’, and in reference to it said, “We come alone, we live alone and we die alone”.

Some of us are confined in a cocoon (multidimensional holographic world) resembling a castle, while some of us live in slums; some of us decorate our homes (brains) with precious collections, while others fill it with garbage. Some of us don’t even have a home and are referred to as ‘homeless’ (or ‘brainless’ in slang.)

Our holographic universe is the world that we are going to live in for eternity. How we interpret the instances of data waves we receive, who and what we admit into our world and where we place them is either going to create our heaven, or our hell.

The instances of data waves, that reach our minds, will be evaluated and based either on the ‘garbage’ that we have already brought into our homes, or based on the new homes we construct with the guidance of the universal system ‘Sunnatullah’[1]. The world, the intermediate realm, resurrection, heaven and hell, are all experienced within, and are allshaped by our personal interpretations and evaluations.

[1] Sunnatullah means the laws and order of Allah, i.e. the mechanics of the system, the laws that govern the manifested worlds.

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