In other words, your brain can be directed and programmed by another person without your knowledge. Due to this quality of the brain the Rasul has advised people to frequently make salawat to him.

Indeed, Allah and His angels bestow blessings upon the Nabi... O believers, send blessings (turn to) him and greet him in submission! (Quran 33:56)

This verse is actually saying:

The One denoted by the name Allah, whose presence is in every iota of existence, and the qualities of His Names that manifest as angelic forces, direct him to read the reality of the system called Nubuwwah and the Sunnatullah... So turn to him and tune into this frequency that radiates from him such that your mirror neurons can receive these waves and evaluate them and lead you to tranquility... (yusalloona = the function to disclose the knowledge coming from the essence to the consciousness)

Thus, the extent to which one turns to Rasulullah (saw) and brings salawat to him, is the extent to which he can connect to his sublime spirit and consciousness and receive & evaluate the data from the waves he broadcasts...

Upon understanding the knowledge coming from the Rasul and the Sunnatullah and becoming aware of the reality of the system he can shape his life accordingly and have a peaceful life.

This isn't specific to the Rasul (saw) actually, this is a system, a mechanism, one of the many functions of the brain.

When people turn to those with a comprehensive and strong consciousness (spirit) either living in this world or who have passed on to the next dimension, they receive the waves that are emitted by them via their mirror neurons. This is a vast topic. This is also how the enlightened ones communicate and transmit data to each other. What is known as 'Rabitah' in Sufism is also based on this system. 'Murakabah' on the other hand is the person's ability to delve into the depths of his own essence based on his capacity.

I try to keep up with the newest information in almost every field so that I may decode the data brought by the Rasul (saw) and understand the Sunnatullah better, and also so that I may know 'Allah' and thus be protected from the limited conception of a god in space!

It is not possible to discern the Absolute Essence of the One referenced as Allah, the One who is far and free from the concept of godhood. He can only be observed to the extent He discloses Himself...

And this is only possible with knowledge!

The product of "Knowledge - will-power" is the "universe of data". Your existence and knowledge in this universe is as much as you get to know and realize your 'self'.

There is a lot more to write on the brain but let us suffice with this much for now...


22 December 2006

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