Everything in the universe is a single frame composed of multiple dimensions, its multiplicity is due to the perception of its perceivers (the manifestations of the attribute of knowledge).

An ocean of waves comprised of an accumulation of knowledge which manifests in yet another different and wondrous way at every instance!

Data and wave is the same thing perceived differently. What is 'wave' in terms of its form, is data in terms of its content and essential make-up.

Data is what forms the body and the brain.

And data is no other than the 'breath of the Rahman' that becomes manifest through the One who Rasulullah (saw) references as 'Allah', perceived as multiple universes all within one another.

The 'point' is divine knowledge.

Data is the 'form' of qualities that have been explained in the past as the names of Allah.

Existence is perceived according to the database forming one's perception capacity.

All formations in existence at every point occur from the inside out, based on their database.

Just as every writing or picture is formed of a series of points, the single frame picture is also formed by data, which manifests in another way at every instance, with all its dimensions and layers.

This is why every person, happy or not, lives in the cocoon formed by his own point, as a result of his data and as necessitated by the Sunnatullah.

A healthy brain is the biggest blessing in the world, the brain is a cluster and treasure of data!

Everything in man's life becomes manifest through the brain. Man is the brain! Even if a brain transplant were possible the brain will continue to live with its own character! When the brain is made redundant its life ends and the character produced by it ceases its ties from the material world.

The brain is not the piece of flesh that some think it to be!

Today science has not yet deciphered the reality of the brain. Our knowledge pertaining to the brain is very limited compared to the infinite vastness of this ocean of data.

We're only just realizing that DNA is a conscious cluster of data.

We're only just becoming aware that DNA forms different databases with waves, or that the brain is operated by a biochemical and bioelectrical structure...

We've just realized that enzymes are living bits of information, and each cell has thousands of enzymes, each with unique functions... For example, there are enzymes that cut the DNA strand, they recognize certain codes in the DNA strand, align with them, and then split the strand into two... Hence information on the DNA strand turns into an action on the protein... Just as the DNA data is transformed into life on the enzyme, the body which is comprised of enzymes, becomes manifest as life at another level. Living information!

On the other hand, we've only just become aware of mind control, the act of directing the brain via certain external waves.

But of course, it's impossible for those who live with the knowledge of the past to perceive and accept these things.

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