In The Mystery of Man, which I penned in 1986, I had written about ablution as a means to neutralize bioelectrical energy, rather than to worship a god. Hence in the absence of water one can reach the same outcome via “tayammum”; rubbing dirt on our body, that is, using soil to neutralize static energy that exerts pressure and stress on the brain. But of course being raised with a mentality based on imitation, many had objected, arguing that ablution was about worshipping a god, oblivious of whether it had scientific basis or not, as this was not their concern.

Now I want to take things a step further and reveal a deeper reality regarding this…

This magnificent being, Muhammad (saw) the Rasul of Allah, used to pray whilstmaking ablution and he advised others to also do the same…


So we can show the god in space that we’re good servants as we’re following the recommendations of his appointed prophet?

Or for another reason altogether…?

Now we’ve come to yet another miraculous evaluation of the Rasul of Allah (saw)…

When one prays while performing ablution he is in effect changing and ionizing the water crystals with his brain waves and allowing healthy, positive water ions to enter into his body. This also applies to reciting the Basmalah before drinking or eating.  It’s a way of channeling brain waves to that particular food or drink to reprogram it in a healthful constructive way.

Lead melting (the practice of melting lead and pouring it into cold water over someone’s head), for example, is not a religious ritual to cast away evil eye or remove a curse, it is rather a way of clearing accumulated static energy in one’s head by allowing the melted lead to absorb and discharge this distressing energy.

Obviously it’s difficult for those whose comprehension is reduced to their eyes and who are completely unaware of modern scientific findings, to discern realities beyond their sense of sight, but the world is rapidly advancing and many truths are being undeniably brought to light.

Water crystals for instance, take shape and form based on the thoughts of a person! This can be clearly observed under a microscope. The brain waves of a person, whether he is conscious of them or not, are constantly modifying and shaping not only water crystals per se but organisms who are mostly composed of water (including us!) Hence the verse asserts:

Whether you show what is within your consciousness (your thoughts) or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it…”[1]            

You can read about the effects of thoughts and words on water from the following links:

 So let’s think about this topic a little more seriously… Praying while taking ablution, that is, programming and changing the water crystals with your thoughts and wishes and absorbing those crystals into your body through osmosis… Or in religious terms, “to read to the water”… Think about it, the human body is comprised of 80% water. Can you imagine the profound effect our thoughts have on ourselves and on each other?

[1]Quran 2:284

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