It is for this reason that we must continuously clear our predetermined conditionings - delete our ‘cache memory’- so that we can re-evaluate every situation, according to the current input of data.

The brain, although appearing to be a big chunk of flesh with its neuron-based infrastructure, is actually a mass of frequency that our current level of scientific knowledge cannot yet completely comprehend or decipher. In this respect, we refer to this intricate network of wave as ‘THE SPIRIT’ and its essence as ‘Light’ (Nur). Nur is knowledge, it is ‘data’. It is like an endless packet of ‘meaning’ and it is immortal. This is why it is said that “we shall taste death”, and not ‘cease to exist’!

Let’s remember that the person, across from us, is also living in his/her own cocoon world, or in other words, their individual multi-dimensional holographic universe. When our brain converts the data waves of instances relating to his physical existence, he takes his place in our holographic world and we think such and such person ‘exists’! But the fact is, we ‘define’ his existence, his character, his role and even his effect in our lives! 

This is why the great Sufi masters referred to this life as a ‘dream’, and in reference to it said, “We come alone, we live alone and we die alone”.

Some of us are confined in a cocoon (multidimensional holographic world) resembling a castle, while some of us live in slums; some of us decorate our homes (brains) with precious collections, while others fill it with garbage. Some of us don’t even have a home and are referred to as ‘homeless’ (or ‘brainless’ in slang.)

Our holographic universe is the world that we are going to live in for eternity. How we interpret the instances of data waves we receive, who and what we admit into our world and where we place them is either going to create our heaven, or our hell.

The instances of data waves, that reach our minds, will be evaluated and based either on the ‘garbage’ that we have already brought into our homes, or based on the new homes we construct with the guidance of the universal system ‘Sunnatullah’[1]. The world, the intermediate realm, resurrection, heaven and hell, are all experienced within,and are allshaped by our personal interpretations and evaluations.

Upon death, after the brain ‘shuts down’ and ceases to function in its ‘flesh’ form, a ‘system reboot’ will occur and our life will continue to run with the back-up of our astral (wave) brain. Thus, we see the importance of backing it up with solid and functional knowledge!

Everything, described in the Quran and by Muhammad (saw), is reality and will be lived! The important thing is to decipher the meaning of these verses correctly, without misconstruing them or taking them literally. For instance, Muhammad (saw) says that man will be resurrected (recreated) from his coccyx (tailbone) in the afterlife. To construe this as a physical resurrection of the body made of flesh and bone is nothing but ignorance. Clearly, this is a metaphor to suggest that a ‘form of life’ will continue after death. Or for example, he says “the sun will come within a mile of the earth”. This corresponds with today’s scientific understanding that eventually the sun will engulf the earth, and the earth will be vaporized. 

Muslims have even misunderstood the verse regarding the ‘spirit’. When Jewish scholars enquired about the spirit to Muhammad (saw), a verse was revealed in answer to their query, telling them “Little has been disclosed to you about the spirit”. This verse is addressing the Jewish scholars, telling themthat ‘little or no knowledge’, regarding the spirit, was given to the Jews. Indeed, there is a significant amount of information regarding the spirit in Islam, whereby Ghazali states, 

“One, devoid of the knowledge of the spirit, cannot reach enlightenment.” 

Our spirit is our very existence! It is our world. Muhammad (saw) says: 

“Your spirit is your body and your body is your spirit.”

We are what we perceive!


We also contain within us the potential of vicegerency (caliphate), to which we have become ignorant! We have become unaware of this gateway that opens to the dimension of our cosmic electromagnetic expansion!

[1]Sunnatullah means the laws and order of Allah, i.e. the mechanics of the system, the laws that govern the manifested worlds.

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