The brain is the mirror to the Domain of the Names within the realm in which were currently living.

Allah forms the spirit via the brain!

“I breathed from my spirit” means “I endowed the brain the capability to manifest the meanings of the Names.” Clearly it's not about air being exhaled from the lungs of god and blown through his lips into the human clay body! The word spirit here refers to the “essence” as in the essence of the Quran, or the essence of such and such matter. It’s not about the wave-body spirit.

If we think of it as a circle, the condescension of the layers of universal perception begin at the top of the circle, the essence of the absolute Spirit formed by the Names (the highest of the high) and goes on to the lowest of the low with the brain, which marks the bottom of the circle, then the consciousness of the spirit (wave) produced by the brain allows it to rise back to the highest of the high again, thus completing the circle.

Each person will go as far as they are capable of going, based on their purpose of creation… Just like the sperms…

It’s impossible for the cocooned who think, “The earth is flat, everything is matter, what I can’t perceive does not exist. God exists in space and sends commands via his prophets…” to understand this. And that’s okay, for they too have been created with a program; to be who they are and to comprise the level that they do.

Fatabarakallahu ahsanul khalikeen!

I’d like to share another point regarding the brain before I conclude this last chapter of this book “The Renewal - Islam and The New Age.”

As you know there is no image or sound inside the brain. The brain forms the images and the sounds itself! 

Everything you think you’re seeing outside are things the brain creates within itself. Matter or meaning, the jinn or the angels! Whatever you refer to by whichever name, the brain creates all of their forms and sounds.

The brain works with bioelectricity, the electrical impulses created by the biochemical activities create these images. 

Within the depths of the brains database there is a multidimensional single frame picture! There is no concept of past or future here. Underlying the phenomenon called ‘deja vu’ is the communication and interaction with this ‘depth’. The holographic reality explains the foundation of this.

The brain evaluates the waves it receives from its environment, the world of waves we’re living in, according to its operating system. Whether you call these images, an illusion, hallucination or the reality, it does not matter, the brain produces them all.

There is only one reality behind all image and sound: perception and evaluation (as-Sami and al-Basir).

According to the depth of the evaluation by the ‘heart’ (consciousness) its name changes: mystery (sir), hidden (hafi) , most hidden (ahfa)…

Man experiences what he feels

Consciousness pertaining to organisms without a physical brain can be seen through their activities and functions driven for a specific outcome and purpose, as programmed by the “Fatir”. Just as a sperm or a walnut tree that has encoded within its cells a specific program, or a computer code… is it matter or spirit, or something else? Think of the waves received by a television… The jinn, whose bodies are not perceivable by us, also have a program and a level of consciousness hidden in their “brain” according to their level of existence.

The brain is the vicegerent on earth with its profound capacity to manifest the secret and mystery of the letter B…. and thus has been called HUMAN!


23 April 2007

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